[Dub of smoking and drinking show]

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0:00 Black.

0:26 A young woman named Allison relates the drunk driving incident that finally convinced her she was an alcoholic.

6:35 John, a former alcoholic, describes the reckless behavior he engaged in while drunk.

11:52 We follow a Sgt. Gordon J. Graham on his traffic rounds. He explains the dangers o f drinking and driving and shows us how to spot a drunk driver.

20:09 Sgt. Graham follows a car that is breaking excessively and changing lanes unnecessarily. Not a drunk driver, however, just a nervous girl. “Girls very rarely drink and drive…they don’t have anything to prove.”

24:55 Officer arresting two people. They are acting very crazy while he searches them. He finds speed in the man’s pocket. He then finds a loaded gun, which the man claims is legal. Then the another squad car arrives and he explains the story to them. He talks about Meth users and how terrified officers are of them since they are so unpredictable.

36:10 Sgt. Graham pulls over another suspected drunk who turns out to be simply a bad driver driving a group home from church.

37:56 Sgt. Graham apologizes for not catching a drunk driver yet. He pulls over another weaving car and finds his drunk. We witness the sobriety tests and the arrest.

42:44 Defense lawyer talks about what happens to people after they fail the field sobriety test. At the station the suspect can choose blood, breath, or urine tests. If the subject refuses all tests, his liscence is automatically revoked. He then talks about what he generally does for his cases. He says that he is supposed to try to get his clients off through legal methods even if they are guilty, although not through lying. He says one can never really know whether the client or the witnesses are lying. He is asked how he feels when a guilty client gets off. He says that he feels the system has worked. He talks about typical client profiles. He says that part of the disease of alchoholism is denial and that’s why so many alchoholics repeatedly drive very drunk.

49:19 Allison talks about how to spot an alcoholic.

50:19 John talks about smoking. He says he stopped smoking about 2 1/2 years ago. He says that quitting smoking felt like a greater victory than quitting cocaine or other hard drugs that he had previously quit. He took part in a study to help people stop smoking. He says he really needed a loving person to hold his hand and help him stop. He is addicted to Nicotine gum now. He chews the gum at the same times he would have smoked – after eating, when driving, when upset.

54:27 Doctor talks about lung cancer and shows us a real lung. He shows us what happens when a tumor develops and which tubes become obstructed. He says that sometimes the changes due to smoking are not visible to the naked eye. He talks about the black pigmentation in people’s lungs that is very common to people today due to pollution and smoking. Close-up of lung. He talks about a meeting with people interested in lung cancer, such as surgeons and specialists, and learning that about 15-20 percent were smokers.

1:00:15 End of tape.



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