Dynamite 4 / Dynamite Halloween Show

A comedy sketch show made by teenagers for Broadside TV.

00:21Copy video clip URL Intro card: “A Production of Mountain Community Television”

00:45Copy video clip URL A boy turns on the camera and sits down in front of the camera and acts as if he’s waiting for Dynamite to come on his television, “Dynamite will be on any minute now. I’ve been a Dynamite fan for a long time.” 

01:12Copy video clip URL Title and introduction, in which a young blonde girl welcomes the audience: “Welcome to Dynamite 4. It’s better than Dynamite 3. It’s better than Dynamite 2, which is better than Dynamite 1. And that’s better than nothing.”

01:28Copy video clip URL “The Girl in Your Life”: A boy explains that a young girl “showed great bravery and courage” by pulling him and his family out of a burning house, and then running errands for them while they were in the hospital. When her parents died, she sent them flowers. “The girl in my life is Judy Collins.” In response a girl onscreen yells out “That’s not me!”

02:37Copy video clip URL The TV-watching boy returns to introduce a new segment in which they’ll “see how these kids do it in high school”: cut to kids fighting and tearing apart their classroom while their teacher yells at them to “SHUT UP!”

04:00Copy video clip URL After a briefly controlled discussion, the teacher asks her class: “Is it possible to tell the future with cards?” This leads to further screaming and fighting.  

04:27Copy video clip URL “The Price Is Wrong!!!”: A parody game show in which the host brings up a woman to the “stage” only to reveal that he only wished to inform her that her car needs to be moved. 

05:05Copy video clip URL The TV-watching boy returns to introduce a segment filmed on the Rimrock Red train. The kids ride the train and goof off around the surrounding park. 

08:19Copy video clip URL A parody of commercials for strawberry jelly in which one boy spreads jelly on the other’s face.

09:08Copy video clip URL “Crazy House”: A parody of a drama set in a mental institution. 

10:01Copy video clip URL The TV-watching boy introduces a new segment: “Now I’ve committed suicide a lot, or my mother’s tried to make me. But let’s see how this guy succeeds, and if his mother really loves him.” 

10:14  A boy threatens to jump off the roof of his house, then he does. As he lies dead on the ground his mother whips him as punishment. 

11:23Copy video clip URL An address to the camera “My name’s Andy and I have a problem: I like to drink coffee and gamble at the same time. I’ve gambled so much I feel like I’m a gambler. And I drink coffee up to HERE! But with me drinking coffee I can’t gamble no more.” A giant six-sided die flies at him from offscreen. 

11:58Copy video clip URL A segment about a mad scientist. 

13:00Copy video clip URL “This week the song of the week is ‘Dancing Machine’ by the Jackson Five.” The song plays while a kid dances and they experiment with video effects. 

15:28Copy video clip URL A parody game show, “Truth or Get Your Head Broken.” 

19:05Copy video clip URL Introducing Jamie Campbell, the “most beautiful star we’ve ever had at Dynamite!” A beauty montage of Jamie receiving roses and a butcher paper cape reading “Dynamite.” The host proceeds to throw flowers at her, and break eggs on her face until she pushes him over. 

20:38Copy video clip URL A commercial parody. 

20:56Copy video clip URL A jokey version of “Jeepers Creepers” revealing that a girl wearing sunglasses has crossed eyes underneath. 

21:13Copy video clip URL A parody of kung fu movies in which a man delivers a series of rules limiting the behavior of his fiancee and she beats him up.

22:20Copy video clip URL A series of very brief sketches is followed by a musical parody in which a boy lip-synchs to a sped-up version of a Jim Stafford’s novelty song “Spiders and Snakes.” Followed by a dance to Gary Glitter’s song “Rock and Roll Part 2.” 

26:24Copy video clip URL A “Very Special Bulletin”: “There are no such things as Martians. They’re fables, stories, myths. I’ve been there, I’ve observed them. There are no such things as Martians. So sleep in your house safely tonight.”

26:52Copy video clip URL A “very lonely boy” details his problems to the camera.

27:51Copy video clip URL A dance to Vicki Lawrence’s “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” embellished by video effects. 

30:38Copy video clip URL “Night Gallery”: a brief sketch.

31:04Copy video clip URL A cooking show parody. 

32:09Copy video clip URL A hanging in which the condemned survives because the rope was too loose. 

32:35Copy video clip URL Commercial parodies for candy and perfume.

33:20Copy video clip URL Lipsynching to the novelty song “Gitarzan” by Ray Stevens. 

36:35Copy video clip URL A recap of the episode featuring clips from most of the longer segments and outtakes set to The Hues Corporations’ “Rock the Boat.” 

40:02Copy video clip URL Credits. 

42:00Copy video clip URL Station identifier: “Broadside TV, Cable Channel 12”

42:31Copy video clip URL The Dynamite Halloween Show starring Chase Mullins. A series of sketches with Mullins acting out jokey premises from the novelty horror/comedy record Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House. It begins with a sketch about a “cat fancier” being attacked by a cat. 

44:06Copy video clip URL A sketch about a fuse leading to an explosion. 

45:58Copy video clip URL A sketch about a disastrous flight in a rocket. 

48:03Copy video clip URL A sketch about a cowboy. 

49:58Copy video clip URL A woodsman accidentally saws off the branch he’s sitting on and falls to his death. 

52:16Copy video clip URL Water torture, ending with a gibberish confession in offensive imitation of “Chinese.” 

54:54Copy video clip URL A comedy sketch written by Mullins in which the boy prays to the “goddess of heaven” and receives insulting joke answers to all of his questions. 

57:22Copy video clip URL Mullins talks to the audience about Halloween, warning kids to be careful when they go out.

58:28Copy video clip URL “Broadside TV” card. 



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