Eartheart / Earthlab Sampler / Essentially Elementary

A video about environmentalism that focuses on beliefs from different Native American tribes, a compilation of excerpts from video documentaries made by Dean and Dudley Evenson, and a video that provides soothing visuals for new age music.

00:06Copy video clip URL Eartheart: A member of the Blackfoot tribe discusses the importance of nature to their lives

02:00Copy video clip URL Singing and drumming over footage of nature scenes. Bird abstracted through image processing. Dancing. 

03:44Copy video clip URL An elderly Navajo woman details the damage caused by a factory polluting their area with smoke. 

05:10Copy video clip URL People outside in the desert. 

06:05Copy video clip URL Blackfeet members describes the disastrous effects of America’s educational system teaching their children and the consequences for removing their children from that school system. 

08:58Copy video clip URL People in the desert. Drumming. Voiceover about denying the government the ability to continue the nuclear fuel cycle. Image processing as a voiceover discusses various energy and labor reforms. 

12:06Copy video clip URL Discussion between Navajo members and local developers who have been building on sacred land, including land where their ancestors are buried. They are upset that the builders started working without consulting with the community. “I can’t speak the language so I can’t talk,” the developer says. 

17:03Copy video clip URL A Navajo woman talks about the hardships caused by polluting power plants and development. She says that the instances of cancer have increased in her community since the nuclear power plant opened. 

19:07Copy video clip URL Voiceover discusses the grave effects of pollution over images of children. 

19:28Copy video clip URL A man in a cowboy hat discusses the importance of thousand-year-old traditions. 

20:13Copy video clip URL In superimposition, an elder asserts the importance of listening to the Great Spirit. 

21:49Copy video clip URL A man discusses the spiritual importance of the pipe to his culture. 

23:17Copy video clip URL A woman asserts the importance of serving god. 

23:39Copy video clip URL Drumming and singing superimposed over a natural landscape 

24:55Copy video clip URL Earthlab Tapestry: Sampler of Ten Years of Videographic Work. Footage of Dudley Evenson on a beach. 

25:16Copy video clip URL World Sympoisum on Humanity: footage from the April 1979 event, including footage of musician Les McCann, Ralph Nader, Allen Ginsberg.

28:10Copy video clip URL Rainbow Gathering: People in the woods dancing, singing, 

29:14Copy video clip URL Footprints: Images of footprints on a beach over audio of a band playing a song about footprints. Images of the band interspersed, with some image processing. 

30:46  L’Air: Hang gliding, accompanied by new age music. 

35:30Copy video clip URL Love Family: Footage of the Love Family commune members singing and dancing and working. 

36:32Copy video clip URL Ja Maica Journal: An elderly Jamaican man sings a song. A young woman rocks a baby while she sings along. 

38:59Copy video clip URL Crystal Clear:  A brief shot of a rotating crystal. 

39:07Copy video clip URL Dance Probe ’78: A dancer moves, accompanied by new age music. Native American dancers dance. 

40:01Copy video clip URL Berkley Art Museum Ann Halpin Dancers: Avant-garde dance featuring naked performers, filmed in black and white with a fisheye lens.

40:58Copy video clip URL Tao Om: Image processing abstracting dancers spinning in circles with their arms up. 

42:20Copy video clip URL Very brief end credits: “Post-Production at Earthlab…” 

42:34Copy video clip URL Essentially Elementary: Hang gliding, accompanied by new age music. 

49:28Copy video clip URL Image abstraction, including a processed image of Dudley Evenson on the beach. 

50:50Copy video clip URL Footage of waves and of children on the beach. Dudley dancing and swaying on the beach. New age music plays. 

57:21Copy video clip URL End credits: “A cooperative production from Earthlab. Videography: Dean Evenson. Dance: Dudley Evenson. Tia Chi: Micheal Gilman, Marie Fortson. Production Support: Osky Crosby, Bill Kimmel. Music: Offrances by Cyrille Verdaux; Desert Dawn Song by Dean and Dudley Evenson. Copyright 1980 by Dean and Dudley Evenson. Essentially Elementary.”



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