[Chicago Slices raw : Ed Holstein]

Raw footage shot for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape features a walk around Andersonville and a discussion with folk singer Ed Holstein.

00:00Copy video clip URL Point-of-view footage driving on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, on a sunny day.

02:20Copy video clip URL At Ann Sather’s restaurant on Clark Street in Andersonville, Ed Holstein, a folk singer, drinks coffee and orders tarragon bread to eat during a walk.

06:35Copy video clip URL Leaving Ann Sather’s, Eddie and producer Tom Weinberg start walking around the neighborhood on Eddie’s regular route. Eddie talks about the health benefits of walking.

14:30Copy video clip URL Eddie briefly explains the demographic history of Andersonville, and the things he likes about the area. He talks about losing seventy-two pounds and quitting cigarette smoking, and alludes to walking’s role in his success.

16:20Copy video clip URL Eddie stresses the importance of pedestrian caution when crossing streets.

21:35Copy video clip URL Eddie talks more about Andersonville and its architecture and inhabitants. He also discusses cigar smoking. Continuing on the walk, Eddie talks about the benefits he experiences through his daily walking.

38:30Copy video clip URL Eddie describes the few situations in which he’ll take a day off from walking.

44:00Copy video clip URL Eddie talks about the music he likes to listen to while he walks.

50:55Copy video clip URL Eddie plays the banjo while a young boy watches.

55:10Copy video clip URL Eddie plays another song on the banjo and sings.

59:45Copy video clip URL Eddie talks about his opinions about the directions America is moving in, and his optimism about that.

1:01:50Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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