[Radio Faces raw: Ed Vrdolyak + Ty Wansley on WJJD #1]

An excerpt of the live broadcast of Alderman Edward Vrdolyak's political radio talk show on WJJD 1160 AM.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on Ed Vrdolyak behind a desk in WJJD AM 1160, a radio station in Chicago. Ty Wansley comes into the room and they begin part of a radio broadcast where Vrdolyak talks with a man about campaign financing. They talk with a woman from the Chicago Board of Education about how school graduations are being done in both English and Spanish. Vrdolyak and Wansley both tear down this idea and say it is against the American ideals or some such. Soon after the show goes on a break.

20:51Copy video clip URL The show returns and they first talk with a man complaining about the bilingual graduations. The next man talks about the campaign financing. A woman talks about an issue in her local politics. The next woman talks about an issue in her community yet she never talked to her local leadership about the problem. An alderman calls in about an ordinance that he recently put to the city council. They take a break soon after.

39:45Copy video clip URL The show resumes and the first caller talks about the bilingual issue. The next caller also talks about the bilingual issue and how she has a problem paying for this with her tax dollars. The next man talks about his relationship with the Defense Department and NAFTA. A woman asks about going over the budget on several government projects. After another two callers Ed leaves the room and enters an elevator while talking to the camera, it is difficult to hear him though because the radio station is overlaid. Later, the audio of the radio station fades away and Tom Weinberg and the videographer chat with Vrdolyak for a while. They follow him for a bit after he leaves the building before the video ends.

58:52Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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