[El Rukn home video #2]

A home video of a party thrown by El Rukn also known as the Almighty Black P. Stone Nation.

00:08Copy video clip URL In a large, dimly lit room, a large gathering of members of the El Rukn group, along with several women and children, dance to loud funk music.

00:20Copy video clip URL The tape fast-forwards over the party-goers.

01:05Copy video clip URL The fast-forward ends, and the image resumes as normal. As before, people continue to dance. The camera, in a long pan, captures close-up views of several men watching the scene. Some are talking and smiling, other observe silently. A few among the group acknowledge the camera with waves, others do not react.

0:3:24Copy video clip URL The camera continues to pan the assembled crowd, picking out bystanders as they talk or simply watch the scene. 

06:00Copy video clip URL The tape again fast-forwards over the crowd.

07:50Copy video clip URL The tape resumes at normal speed, with the scene continuing on much as before. A row of seated El Rukn members watch the proceedings.

09:50Copy video clip URL The tape fast-forwards, panning over the people. 

10:36Copy video clip URL The scene resumes at normal speed. A tape error briefly obscures the action. The tape fast-forwards for a few seconds at a time as the action continues. Kids dance and smile at the camera, a lot of them wave while the adults in the room are more occupied with their food. 

13:05Copy video clip URL As the music and dancing continues, one man cuts slices from a large piece of cooked meat, captured in close-up. Others seated nearby eat from paper plates. Men in fezes mill around and eat at tables, but most avoid the camera.

14:40Copy video clip URL The tape fast-forwards and the image isn’t clear. When it resumes, the camera lingers on a long scene of young teenagers and women dancing; it eventually pans back to the men eating at a table. 

15:30Copy video clip URL The tape fast-forwards on and off for several seconds at a time for the next ten minutes. Throughout, the camera pans over the room, capturing the faces of people eating, swaying to the music, and kids waving to the camera. 

26:30Copy video clip URL Fast-forwarding ends and the camera focuses on a group of men wearing red fez hats conferring in the corner of the room.

28:00Copy video clip URL The tape fast-forwards to the end.



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