[White supremacist candidates – Election Night at IL headquarters for Tsongas]

Footage from the 1992 presidential election, including fights by white supremacist candidates to get on the ballot in Illinois, a Richard M. Daley press conference, and primary election night at the Illinois headquarters for the Paul Tsongas campaign.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of a preliminary hearing for the presidential campaign of Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, whose place on the Illinois ballot was contested.

03:00Copy video clip URL Dawn Larson, organizer of a petition to put David Duke on the ballot in Illinois, talks about her efforts to a reporter. “So you think that anyone who wants to run for president of the United States should be allowed to run?” “Absolutely.” She then talks about inconsistencies in the primary system, and points out that New Hampshire and Iowa voters have many more choices for candidates than residents of other states.

05:52Copy video clip URL A Channel 7 reporter talks to David Garris, who filed a complaint against Bill Clinton for filing too many ballot petition signatures. “I’m really not looking to get Bill Clinton off the ballot–I’m looking for a revision of law here. I believe that everyone has the right to be on the ballot.”

07:12Copy video clip URL Stamets interviews Garris and Larson. Larson explains that Duke filed less signatures than needed, but was within 200 signatures of the requirement. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, filed more than 1,000 signatures over the legal limit.

10:16Copy video clip URL Art Jones, a candidate for congress in Illinois and a member of the Illinois Nazi party, about his support for Pat Buchanan over George H.W. Bush’s “increasingly liberal” policies. “I think if Patrick Buchanan was not on the ballot here, a lot of Patrick Buchanan’s supporters, such as myself, would willingly cast a vote for David Duke over that of President Bush.”

12:20Copy video clip URL Stamets interviews a Duke supporter outside of the Bismarck hotel. “I have no desire to see any of these candidacies off the list. This is what America’s about! This isn’t Red China! This isn’t Russia!” The man reveals that he hasn’t voted in the past few presidential elections.

14:12Copy video clip URL Stamets talks to a man who collected 66 signatures to put Duke on the ballot.  “I would have to say that the overwhelming response to his candidacy here in Illinois–at least where I was–was very negative. Even if he were on the ballot in Illinois, I think he would only get a small percentage of the vote.”

16:33Copy video clip URL Cut to a press conference with Mayor Richard M. Daley downtown at a CTA station. Daley endorses the late Alan Dixon for senator. “He understands that the job of a politician is to make our priorities his priorities.”

20:20Copy video clip URL Cut to Sen. Paul Tsongas’ election headquarters in Illinois. Supporters and their families mingle in a room filled with festive balloons and TV screens tuned into the news.

28:18Copy video clip URL Members of the media interview Kitty Kurth, Illinois state coordinator for Paul Tsongas. “We got to Illinois very late and with very few resources, but we were able to convert a lot of people in a very short time. Paul Tsongas is not someone whose message can be understood in 30 second sound bites, but when people hear his message they respond to it.” She reveals that the campaign has brought in $1.4 million.

42:25Copy video clip URL Kurth thanks her staff for helping bring Tsongas’ support in Illinois from 4% of the vote to 30%.

46:38Copy video clip URL Tsongas volunteers watch a newscast about the primaries.

48:29Copy video clip URL A Channel 2 newsman interviews Kurth while her volunteers cheer in the background. “Are you staying in the race?” “Absolutely–we’re here through the Convention.”



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