Electronic Masks

Abstract compositions inspired by the imagery of North American indigenous cultures. Created using the Sandin Image Processor.

Description by artist Barbara Sykes: “Electronic Masks is a humorously engaging piece reminiscent of North American indigenous cultures’ totems and masks. Colorful abstract images transform themselves into recognizable totems and primitive tribal masks reminiscent of cultures from earlier civilizations. Slowly at first, then with an accelerated pace, the masks come to life moving to the rhythmic beat of ceremonial style drums. While these images suggest those of pre-technological society, they were created solely using the technology of the electronic age. Electronic Masks is illustrative of Barbara Sykes’s pioneering work in the 1970’s using the Dan Sandin Image Processor’s (IP) oscillators exclusively to create detailed, luminescent figurative art.  Abstract painterly forms to totems, masks, birds, creatures, etc., distinguished her work in the field of electronic arts. While the IP allows for some analogue control with much of the process left to chance and experimentation, Electronic Masks embodies her proficiency on electronic tool systems designed for artists.”



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