Electronic Visualization Event 3

This is a video of different segments of varying lengths showing computer generated graphics with ambient sound.

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0:32Copy video clip URL “Wire Trees with 4 Vectors.” First computer generated graphics begin with ambient music.

5:14Copy video clip URL “By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.” This segment features blue, pink, and green computer generated graphics.

12:15Copy video clip URL “Electronic Masks.” This segment features totemic images and music that matches the images.

17:31Copy video clip URL “Spiral 3.” This segment has a woman whose clothes are made of spirals performing various moves of dance and flexibility.

27:11Copy video clip URL “Digital TV Dinner.” This segment features bar codes and very old style video games.

30:11Copy video clip URL “Data Bursts in 3 Moves.” This segments exhibits many data points and creates images by connecting them.

43:58Copy video clip URL “Cetacean.” This segment simulates water, the sea, and waves and the music follows this theme.

52:42Copy video clip URL “Not of this Earth.” This segment begins with an almost strobe-like effect and then devolves to computer generated graphics with black and white images superimposed. This is the first segment with non-instrumental music.

59:10Copy video clip URL “…STOP-STOP.” This segment consists of black and white bars with no audio and ends the video.



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