[Joe Albert’s Fox Hunt: The Pineconers 4]

A performance of Appalachian folk musicians The Pineconers, recorded for the documentary Joe Albert's Fox Hunt and Other Stories from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, directed by Julie Gustafson and John Reilly.

00:00Copy video clip URL A New Jersey council meeting, joined mid-proceedings. Mort Cooper, a conservationist, is brought up to speak. Black and white.

00:47Copy video clip URL Mid-sentence, the tape cuts to color footage of The Pineconers performing. They have five members for this performance, including Joe Albert on washbin bass. They play outdoors for a small audience.

02:27Copy video clip URL After their first song the band calls out for “Katie” who they brought to play the spoons, but no one answers. They play another song as the camera operator moves to a position behind the musicians, capturing both the band and the crowd that has gathered on the grass in front of them. 

05:57Copy video clip URL After their second song the musicians banter. They play a third song, “The Green, Green Grass of Home.” An older man sets up an old-fashioned camera to photograph the musicians. 

09:49Copy video clip URL In between songs more people arrive. They play an upbeat version of “Truck Drivin’ Man.” The image turns black and white in the middle of the song. 

12:16Copy video clip URL They thank John for renting them the grove to play in and tune their instruments. 

13:04Copy video clip URL A fifth song, a slow version of “Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue).” 

16:25Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to council meeting in which a council member complains that the decision cannot escape “politics” for which he blames Mrs. Costa, who objects. 

19:41Copy video clip URL Elmer Rowley, of the New Jersey Audubon Society, comes up to speak about their efforts to preserve the Pine Barrens. The tape cuts off near the start of his speech. 



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