Compilation of Student Videos

Works produced for Pat Lehman's video production class in 1982.

00:15Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “This program of Video Art was produced by students enrolled in Survey of Video Art – Community College of Denver-Auraria Campus. Instructor – Pat Lehman 303-629-2475.

00:25 What Kind of Art, by Chris Kaan, copyright 1982: An art/performance video in which the artist speaks in voiceover about his artistic process while onscreen he staples strips of paper to a board.

02:35 Suspenceful Chair, by Chris Kaan, 1982: An art/performance video in which the artist, shirtless, moves several chairs in a row and then pauses before moving the final chair in the row. 

03:38 Duet, by Chris Kaan, copyright 1982: The shirtless artist plays the accordion, framed from the neck down. 

05:49 Definition of Idea, by Chris Kaan, 1982: A slip with the words “This is a real definition of ‘idea'” is held up in front of a dictionary. A close-up of a handheld game of rings while in voiceover a text about ideas is recited. 

08:40 Erotica, by Chris Kaan, 1982: A female nude in silhouette, the silhouette being traced on the other side of the fabric by a hand. 

12:59 Esacape, by Chris Kaan, 1982. A hole in a blue tarp is widened by a hand, then two hands, then opened enough for the artist to emerge. 

14:40Copy video clip URL The Machine Aesthetic, by Rosemarie McDermott, copyright 1982: A television with kitchen appliances on/in the monitor. A montage of appliances and processed foods set to “We Got the Beat” by the Go-Gos. 

17:30 Nursery Rhymes, by Meghan McClard, copyright 1982: Layered voices in voiceover, accompanied by a child’s drawings and a montage of a child playing, of boats, of the earth, etc. 

22:02Copy video clip URL Eight Tapes by John Priola, copyright 1982. A series of very short conceptual videos, largely about gender and footwear, including These Can Do This…, Boy/Girl, Yes/NoCemetary Heels, Shoes, Vogue Poses, Heel Training.

37:00 Lightmares, by Ron Dirito, copyright 1982: A short montage of distorted/superimposed still photographs. 

37:36 Urban Climbing, by Lowell Stephens, 1982: A documentary about a woman who goes “rock climbing” up the sides of buildings. 

47:39 Body Tape, by Mark Sink, copyright 1982: Stroboscopic flashes of nude bodies.

50:30 Suzie Creamcheese, by Lowell Stephens, copyright 1982: A jokey, surreal short about cream cheese. 

51:35 Teeth Tape, by Barbara Houghton, copyright 1982: A montage of polaroids of teeth and toothy smiles. 

53:15 Flag Tape, by Barbara Houghton, c. 1982: An image of an astronaut and American flag on the moon, projected onto a moving hand. 

54:35 Hui-Neg, by Steve Long, copyright 1982: A montage alternating images of a wedding with a surreal mix of other images. Produced: S. Long. Sound: Bruce Oddland, Lyn Escher Volfgang. Special Thanks: United Cable Television. And: Gina Truex, Angel Vidal, Mike Yeatermeyer, Barb Yeatermeyer, Dee Farnsworth.

60:06 Let Your Fingers Do the Dancing, by Michael Carpenter, copyright 1982: A hand painted to look like a person “dances” on a phone book to “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones. 




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