[End of Chicago Urban League]

0:04Copy video clip URL Open on a man speaking at a Chicago Urban League meeting. Roland Burris speaks about his political position and candidacy for mayor.

3:00Copy video clip URL A woman asks what Burris would do to protect senior citizens from some of the danger on the streets if he were mayor. Meeting ends and people walk around and talk. A reporter asks Burris about why he is running as an independent candidate. He speaks with various community members who attended the meeting.

8:26Copy video clip URL Cut to rally for Burris on the street. Unclear audio. Cheering and chanting. He speaks about his candidacy and how to vote for him. 

20:25Copy video clip URL He finishes speaking. Footage of people around the rally. Burris speaks to reporters. Fuzzy audio.

24:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a reelection meeting for Mayor Daley. Daley’s running mate, Marge Laurino, speaks. Footage of people walking and speaking. Reporters ask them questions. One reporter asks him about Burris.

37:07Copy video clip URL Cut to footage at a construction site. Mayor Daley speaks about construction projects that focus on repaving, replacing sewer lines, and removing graffiti. The Alderman of the district speaks about the project. Daley argues with reporters about issues at O’Hare and Laurino. Footage of reporters and Daley walking around the site.

46:36Copy video clip URL Cut to a man speaking with a reporter outside of a church. Audio of the choir. Pastor introduces Mayor Daley and a representative from the White House. Daley speaks about the death of Bishop Ford. Other people speak about his legacy, and the choir sings. Reporter asks questions to Daley. Audio from inside church overlaid on the video of Daley. 

1:00:00Copy video clip URL Cut to Burris speaking at a conference. He talks about failures of Dominic Lungo and Daley’s support of him. Reporters ask about Daley’s attitude in this situation.

1:03:01Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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