[ESPN coverage of Eddie Gaedel anniversary]

ESPN news report celebrating the 35th anniversary of Eddie Gaedel's entrance into the world of baseball. Bill Veeck put the little person to bat for the St. Louis Browns on August 19, 1951. There are interviews with people involved, including two of the players from that game between the Browns and the Tigers. The report concludes with a commemoration of Veeck's life, as he had just passed away in January of that year. Included are clips from the documentary "Veeck: A Man for Any Season."

00:04Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:27Copy video clip URL Greg Gumble introduces segment celebrating the 35th anniversary of Eddie Gaedel’s entrance into the world of baseball.

00:54Copy video clip URL Introduction to Gaedel’s at-bat. Bob Broeg describes getting the photograph.

1:36Copy video clip URL Bob Fischel explains how Bill Veeck got idea from James McGraw.

1:57Copy video clip URL Broeg relates getting Gaedel onto the plate (having signed an American League contract).

2:47Copy video clip URL Georgel Kell tells how Bob Kane couldn’t pitch the ball within the strike zone.

3:29Copy video clip URL Jim Delsing talks about running for Gaedel. Mention of Harridge’s retaliation.

4:15Copy video clip URL Introduction to commemoration of Veeck. Footage from Veeck at Wrigley Field during opening day.

4:38Copy video clip URL Veeck says that he has traveled widely and seen much of the world, “but the most beautiful thing is a ball park filled with people”

5:38Copy video clip URL Bill Gleason: “We miss him, Greg, but his impact is still being felt, because many things that are happening today would not happen if he was still with us [like moving the Sox out of Comiskey Park].”

6:23Copy video clip URL Gleason describes the exploding scoreboard, giving away cakes of ice, and milking competitions as more of Veeck’s gimmicks.

7:10Copy video clip URL ESPN outro.

7:25Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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