Everybody In, Nobody Out (Excerpts)

Excerpts from "Everybody In, Nobody Out," a short film produced in 2003 by Health & Medicine Policy Research Group on the occasion of Quentin Young's 80th birthday. To learn more about Health & Medicine's current work, visit: www.hmprg.org

0:01Copy video clip URL Title card. 

0:11Copy video clip URL Quentin Young and an interviewer who is well acquainted with Young talk about Young’s early life. Young speaks on growing up in Depression-era America and his visits to his family’s tobacco farm in Granville County, North Carolina, seeing post-slavery peonage at a very young age. 

2:19Copy video clip URL Young talks about the health Progressive movement and his involvement in the Committee to End Discrimination in Chicago Medical Institutions (CED), founded in 1951. Young goes over the successes of the committee in areas such as legal racial equality.

3:02Copy video clip URL Young talks about his involvement in the Medical Committee for Human Rights, founded in 1964 and created to support the larger Civil Rights movement happening concurrently in the South, and his own relationship to Martin Luther King as his doctor while King was visiting Chicago. Young also points out the importance of the women’s health movement.

4:24Copy video clip URL Young talks about his past working for Cook County Hospital and his work in setting up a medical “safety net” throughout the county.

5:52Copy video clip URL John McKnight, professor at Northwestern University and a co-founder of Health and Medicine, talks about the idea behind the 1981 Health and Medicine Policy Research Group in Chicago. “That’s, I think, what resulted in both of us feeling that maybe there was a new way of putting people together to really make health change in the Chicago Metropolitan area.”

6:40Copy video clip URL Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH, president of Health and Medicine, discusses the organization’s Chicagoan identity. “In my mind, it’s really these crises, these problems, these human tragedies that really ignite our board and make our board passionate about trying to improve health care for people in this country.”

7:12Copy video clip URL Introduction to the board and staff of Health and Medicine and its heart and mission in terms of the rest of the organization. Young and Murray explain how Health and Medicine functions and the work the organization does in education and advocacy. McKnight talks about the many factors that impact health, and the importance of activism in response to when these factors go awry.

9:10Copy video clip URL Young talks about the nature of the Chicago Schweitzer Fellowship in giving young people experience in activism. Murray outlines the most pressing issues medical advocacy groups face.

9:41Copy video clip URL Young explains the Bernardin Amendment. “It says that ‘healthcare is so important to human dignity and life that it’s the responsibility of society […] to provide access to decent healthcare for every resident of the state.’ You’ll notice that it doesn’t say ‘citizen.’ It says every human being is valuable […]. That’s the whole concept. Everybody in, nobody out.”

10:22Copy video clip URL Young talks about the plethora of underutilized resources in American healthcare. An interviewer shares a humorous story about being a patient of Dr. Young. The excerpts end with a Chicago Tribune cover featuring Young, with the title, “Doc Quixote.”

11:30Copy video clip URL Credits.



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