[Excerpts 1st Global Village Program Fall 1969]

Raw footage from a variety of sources. Originally shown as a multi channel video performance switched live and screened on a bank of TV monitors. Includes footage from Woodstock performances, interviews with activists Abbie Hoffman and and Jerry Rubin, musical performances taped off of television, and naked festival-goers.

00:10Copy video clip URL “Video Environment” with kaleidoscopic reflections of light show with title, quick cut of scenes from the videos. Featuring Jefferson Airplane’s “We Can Be Together.”

02:21Copy video clip URL Concert footage of Richie Havens performing “Freedom (Motherless Child)” at Woodstock.

06:32Copy video clip URL Gay rights activist Jim Fouratt speaks about the dangers of psychiatrists trying to “cure” homosexuality and the need for affirmation and joy in gay liberation.

08:27Copy video clip URL Interview with Leo Martello, a “Continental Witch,” advocating for the liberation of witches.

10:17Copy video clip URL The Doors performing “The Soft Parade” on WNET

19:59Copy video clip URL Interview with Jerry Rubin discussing the need for revolutionary action.

21:53Copy video clip URL Re-edited commercials for Michelob beer, Band-Aids, Dutch Boy paint, Budweiser beer

24:13Copy video clip URL The Rolling Stones perform “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on television (significant distortion)

28:28Copy video clip URL B.B. King performing “Why I Sing the Blues” on television

32:24Copy video clip URL Child singer performing rock/soul rave-up with band and back-up singers

34:19Copy video clip URL B.B. King performs “The Thrill Is Gone” on television

38:51Copy video clip URL Naked white people dancing in a circle (at Woodstock), with The Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight” on the soundtrack

40:19Copy video clip URL The UK royal family watching television, Beatles songs continue

41:07Copy video clip URL Naked people dancing, Beatles songs continue

41:46Copy video clip URL Interview with Abbie Hoffman, discussing his trial

49:21Copy video clip URL John Lennon and Yoko Ono performing “Give Peace a Chance” on television

50:48Copy video clip URL Video Environment with shadows and projections, with The Rolling Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday” on the soundtrack

53:55Copy video clip URL Janis Joplin performing “Move Over”

55:16Copy video clip URL Sly and the Family Stone performing “Dance to the Music” at Woodstock

56:31Copy video clip URL The Who performing “See Me Feel Me” at Woodstock



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