Action 10 News on Illegal Coal Company “Layering” Practices

Two news reports from Action 10 News in Knoxville, TN detailing the illegal practices of coal companies overcharging the state of Tennessee for coal used in power plants. That is followed by a meeting in which a man discusses personal finances with a small group.

00:15Copy video clip URL A newscaster from Action 10 News introduces a story about the cost of coal from reporter Anne Powell. 

00:47Copy video clip URL Powell explains that most Tennessee Valley Authority electricity comes from coal-powered steam plants, with the cost of producing electricity varying according to the cost of coal, which largely depends on the coal’s heat content, measured in BTU’s. The BTU level is determined by random samples. Powell has discovered the possibility that coal companies have been using high quality dummy samples while providing the TVA with lower quality coal. 

02:10Copy video clip URL Powell narrates footage of coal being loaded onto trucks. The trucks are filled mostly from one pile and then topped off with coal from a separate pile. The reporters follow the trucks to be sampled and weighed by the TVA.

03:45Copy video clip URL Powell asks whether this is an industry-wide practice, whether the TVA is aware of the practice, and what impact this practice might have on rate hikes. 

04:05Copy video clip URL Shannon Walls, from the trucking company, responds to Powells questions on the coal fields. He grabs the microphone and yanks on the wire, telling the reporters that they are “in a heap of trouble.” 

04:28Copy video clip URL In the studio, Powell says that the coal company’s associate could not be reached and that the TVA has indicated that if this practice is industry-wide, “they are baffled at how to make any dollar estimate at what it is costing TVA for heat content they are paying for but not receiving.” The TVA also cites coal costs as the reason for current 8% rate hikes.

06:06Copy video clip URL The next day’s newscast. An anchorman introduces Powell’s follow-up report. She recounts the discoveries from the previous night’s report. 

06:25Copy video clip URL Powell reports that, according to the TVA, the misleading and illegal layering of coal has been a constant problem.

07:04Copy video clip URL Lynn Seeber, General Manager for the TVA, details the difficulties of testing for layering of trucks .

07:48Copy video clip URL Powell reveals that the TVA will be launching an investigation into the extent of layering throughout the coal industry. 

08:06Copy video clip URL Footage of coal fields. 

09:41Copy video clip URL In an office, a man talks about personal finances and interest rates on loans with a small group of people. He answers questions about loans. 



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