Election Stories: Mayoral Primary, 1983

Chicago race for Mayor 1983

0:13Copy video clip URL Carol Marin reports on the mayoral primary debate.

0:45Copy video clip URL The subjects of concern are finances and civic management.

1:45Copy video clip URL Chicago is the strongest city, financially, in the nation.

2:18Copy video clip URL Tax increases under each administration.

4:07Copy video clip URL Steel workers to find jobs again. OTS Development offered the government to buy Wisconsin’s steel. 

4:47Copy video clip URL Frank Lumpkin who is with the “Save our job” committee interviewed.

5:43Copy video clip URL Alderman Edward V. press conference. 

7:03Copy video clip URL Another reason to question OTS development.

8:30Copy video clip URL Deal Doubts.  

13:45Copy video clip URL Consultants interviewed.

16:41Copy video clip URL The Race For Mayor. Discussion of extension of public transportation from O’Hare to the city.

19:50Copy video clip URL Election days away, Jane Byrne changes campaign strategy. She goes door to door in the South Side of Chicago.

21:22Copy video clip URL Marion Stamps,  42nd Ward Alderman Candidate. Polarization. 

29:59Copy video clip URL End of tape.




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