[Experimental Solar Homes in Aspen]

Footage and explanations of homes in Aspen, CO that have been built to employ solar power.

00:15Copy video clip URL Slow fade in to small homes with solar panels on them as one of the designers explains its workings to a small crowd. 

02:07Copy video clip URL Explanation of storage tanks and thermostats. 

03:40Copy video clip URL The crowd gathers inside the house. 

05:40Copy video clip URL The financial benefits for a household in using solar power to heat their water. An explanation of how the system works during the winter and the summer. 

09:57Copy video clip URL The exterior of another building. A sign for Interwest, Inc.

11:58Copy video clip URL Landscape footage, showing the solar-powered buildings in the middle of fields, with mountains surrounding them. 

12:35Copy video clip URL Footage of a grain sifter. 

14:15Copy video clip URL Further discussion of the financial aspects of the solar-powered home, focusing on the design aspects that regulate and normalize the temperature throughout the day and night, in both winter and summer. 

20:13Copy video clip URL Getting a Housing and Urban Development grant to install the solar power system. Plans for the future to be implemented over the next five years as an experiment to demonstrate the utility and practical application of solar power. 

21:33Copy video clip URL Footage of the interior of the house. 

22:49Copy video clip URL A graph explanation temperature regulations in different kinds of buildings. 

23:40Copy video clip URL More footage of the interior and of the exterior , including from the roof. 



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