[Eye Contact sampler]

Clips from vintage TV shows, advertisements, movies, and news.

0:00Copy video clip URL Count-in and announcement that “Dallas will not be presented this evening.”

0:20Copy video clip URL Interesting colored clips from old television shows, including “Old Texaco Men.”

1:15Copy video clip URL Texaco Men introduce Milton Berle.

1:25Copy video clip URL Modern-day skit about replacement Texaco man Carl.

2:00Copy video clip URL Texaco men sing while Carl reads the words from a small piece of paper. Features Harold Ramis.

3:00Copy video clip URL “Shadows and Light” title over clip from “Rebel Without a Cause.” “Every picture has it’s shadow, and every shadow has its light.”

4:00Copy video clip URL Frankie Lymon and teenagers sing “Juvenile Delinquent” over cheers of audience noise, while James Dean scrambles around.

4:30Copy video clip URL Old commercials (including Lucky Strike) over Twilight Zone music.

5:08Copy video clip URL Old commercial for 1958 Edsel.

6:33Copy video clip URL Electronic images: “Zork.”

6:50Copy video clip URL People look at “The Assumption” by El Greco. Graphic art weirdness.

7:40Copy video clip URL Channel changing segment.

7:55Copy video clip URL “Hollywood.” “The Adventures of Gary Marshall.” Clips from Gary Marshall’s shows as Marshall strolls through Hollywood.

8:55Copy video clip URL Marshall shoots Happy Days episode “Richie’s Job.” Marshall talks about timeliness of “Happy Days” in post-Watergate era.

9:30Copy video clip URL Ed Murrow, Walter Cronkite, other old TV clips.

10:10Copy video clip URL Eisenhower talks.

10:25Copy video clip URL Clips of Cronkite, Richard Nixon’s famous Checkers speech, Desi Arnaz advertising cigarettes.

11:10Copy video clip URL Nixon is sworn in, clips of Nixon leading up to Nixon resignation speech rehearsal. Nixon resignation speech.

13:10Copy video clip URL Sports related clips, clips of a baseball video game.

14:07Copy video clip URL Newscaster shows Mickey Mouse Disco album.

14:15Copy video clip URL “Disco Mickey Mouse” segment over old cartoons.

14:40Copy video clip URL Clips of Las Vegas lights.

14:50Copy video clip URL Clip from movie “Network”: Albert Finney rants on TV, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

16:30Copy video clip URL Various clips of hosts saying goodnight to everyone. Jimmy Durante sings goodnight to audience.

16:40Copy video clip URL Clip of Graham Nash singing with acoustic guitar onstage, possibly at Farm Aid. No sound at all.

18:20Copy video clip URL “AMERICANS” clip of little girls talking. No sound.

21:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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