Fabulous 50’s

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0:00 David Jansen says mystery shows are going as strong as they did during the 50s.

1:11 Clip from “Naked City”. Young rookie cop on the force, etc.

2:08 Clip from “The Detectives.” A murder.

2:42 Clip from “The Untouchables.” Come out/shoot out.

3:22 Jansen talks about private eyes.

3:48 Clip from “Peter Gunn.” Private eye in a bar, roof chase.

5:10 Clip from “Richard Diamond”. Woman pulls gun on Diamond, he ducks behind a painting and gets her. Diamond flirts with his secretary, Mary Tyler Moore.

6:04 Jansen talks about Mary Tyler Moore’s legs, introduces “Perry Mason.”

6:29 Clip from “Perry Mason.” Mason cross-examines girl, accuses her, accuses man in crowd who committed murder.

8:10 Jansen talks about Mancini and Hallmark TV movie.

8:35 Clip from Hallmark special featuring young Robert Redford.

9:18 Mary Martin talks about playhouse shows.

10:50 Jack Palance and Ed Wynn in a clip from “Requiem for a Heavyweight” by Rod Serling. Boxer hits his manager after manager bets against him; heartfelt scene.

13:45 Mary Martin goes on and on about the fabulous 50s, playhouse shows, etc.

14:00 Frank Sinatra as stage manager in “Our Town.” Sings “Our Town” song.

14:48 Eva Marie Saint and Paul Newman as young lovers in “Our Town.”


15:30 Sinatra sings “Love and Marriage,” apparently somewhere in some musical version of “Our Town.”


15:55 Mary Martin talks about TV bringing musicals into living rooms, and introduces a Rosalind Russell clip.

16:30 Rosalind Russell musical clip. Russell dances with foreign men in US Navy uniforms in Brooklyn stockyards. “What do you think about the USA?”

19:04 Martin introduces clip of Fred Astaire and Mary Chase.

19:20 Astaire dances with Mary Chase in emmy-award winning performance.

21:10 Martin introduces clip of Louis Armstrong performing “On the Sunny Side of the Street.” (Some tracking problems).

22:52 Martin talks about her own performance in “Peter Pan.”


23:28 Martin in “Peter Pan.” Martin and kids perform “I’m Flying.”

25:30 Martin signs off and end credits.

26:14 Various old stars saying goodnight over credits.

28:52 END



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