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This video contains footage gathered for the television program "Watch It." Some of this footage was also gathered for the television show "Wired In," which never made it on the air. In this video, we watch as broadcast journalist Anne Johnsos, along with a video crew, visits a technology convention in Chicago to demo a new product called "Face It."

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen.

00:55Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Anne Johnsos. She and the crew are on their way into a technology convention at McCormick Place in Chicago. Johnsos explains that they are on their way to demo a new product called “Face It,” an interactive make-up sales product. Johnsos states that she is worried that this type of machine would eliminate human contact within the sales world. We watch as the crew makes the long walk to the convention hall. This lasts for several minutes.

05:55Copy video clip URL Johnsos and crew finally arrive at the convention center and make their way into The Store Fixturing Show section of McCormick Place. The camera operator gathers footage as the three make their way into the show.

08:06Copy video clip URL The camera operator begins to gather footage from the “Face It” booth. Mark Pucci, CEO/Chairman of Walker Group/CNI, takes Johnsos through the sequence of using the machine. The rep goes over the concept for the device. “Face It” is a concept that will provide interactive technology in the cosmetics industry. This lasts for several minutes.

12:45Copy video clip URL Johnsos asks Pucci about the possibility of the “Face It” process hindering human interaction. Pucci responds, “This is not a humanless environment. We still plan to have people here, but the intent of this is to create an environment where people feel a little less threatened–also where the message is consistent about the product because you’re always dependent upon your training of the sales associates and the staff, so this is kind of fool proof.” Pucci also states that the device can accommodate a number of different ethnic backgrounds. He then continues to guide Johnsos through the process.

14:43Copy video clip URL Pucci demos a device called “Face Care,” a mechanized device that answers questions about specific products.

15:38Copy video clip URL When asked why the “Face It” software was developed, Pucci states, “What we saw was missing was the consistency in product information that’s being provided by the sales associates in a variety of formats whether it’s a mass merchandising department store or even sometimes specialty stores–a real lack of product information, in some cases, I don’t want to over-generalize, and the consistency of presentation. Again, you’re leaving it to the sales associate to provide this huge wealth of knowledge about the product itself and sometimes it’s not as consistent as it should be.” When asked whether the machine will eliminate sales associates, Pucci says that it is only meant to facilitate the ability to make a sale. Pucci then goes on to showcase the “Fashion Trend” portion of the software. He also talks about the integration of this technology into drug stores. This lasts for several minutes.

18:31Copy video clip URL Pucci talks about the other applications that the software can be used for. The camera operator asks him about the technology behind the product. Pucci then tries to find someone else to talk about the subject but comes up short. However, he does his best to describe some of the technological aspects of the product. They continue to discuss the product for several minutes. The Representative also talks about his work background. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Walker Group/CNI. Towards the 25 minute mark of the tape, the audio gets extremely rough.

26:27Copy video clip URL The tape cuts out.

26:33Copy video clip URL The tape cuts back in. The camera operator asks Glenn Wilhelm, a Walker Group/CNI Representative, about the technology behind the product.He goes into detail about the capabilities of the software. The Rep goes on to say, “We’re at a point in this country in particular, maybe in the world, where people don’t go by anything that someone tells them they need to look or wear or dress or be and people makes their own decisions. So that’s what this is: making personal decisions–making them about yourself and then being able to utilize it.” He then goes on to talk about the technology in more detail. This lasts for several minutes.

34:37Copy video clip URL The camera operator continues to gather footage of the “Face It” fixture. The sound cuts out during this portion of the tape. This lasts for several minutes.

37:57Copy video clip URL The sound cuts back in. The camera operator continues to gather footage from in and around the area.

39:03Copy video clip URL Pucci takes Johnsos through another demo of the “Face It” machine. This lasts for several minutes. Eventually, the camera operator even tries the machine.

46:04Copy video clip URL Pucci gives another brief summary of the product. The camera operator then continues to gather footage from around the area.

50:04Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Johnsos typing the title “Wired In” on a computer. The camera operator gathers a number of shots.

51:45Copy video clip URL The video cuts out. We listen as a crew records an audio clip for the “Wired In” program. They go through numerous takes. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

59:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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