Faith, Hope, and Dialogue

A report by Carol Marin on the political/religious issues in Jerusalem and the process towards peace

0:27Copy video clip URL Carol Marin reports on Jerusalem. She discusses the history of the land, people and culture. 

1:57Copy video clip URL Segment begins “Faith Hope and Dialogue, Journey to the Holy Land”

3:18Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews a rabbi on religious prejudice. He speaks about stereotypes. Catholicism stemmed from Judaism but its believed that the Jewish are responsible for Jesus’s death. The rabbi renounced this teaching. The holocaust serves as the most stark example of Anti-Semitism.

4:30Copy video clip URL Children’s memorial is shown. No photos, only candle lights and the names and ages of the children being read aloud.

7:58Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Chicago Rabbi.

10:40Copy video clip URL Who controls Jerusalem is a critical issue.

11:08Copy video clip URL Rabbi speaks on the peace process.

11:36Copy video clip URL Hassan Abboud interviewed.

12:30Copy video clip URL Discussion of the less optimistic views on the peace process in Israel.

13:33Copy video clip URL Religion and politics are inseparable in Israel.

17:30Copy video clip URL The Archbishop of Chicago interviewed. 

20:00Copy video clip URL Violence in Gaza.

21:02Copy video clip URL Dialogue needs to happen between people from different backgrounds in order for there to be change. 

22:58Copy video clip URL End of Tape.




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