[FALN on TV News]

TV news report about arraignment of the FALN suspects. Protesters at the Dirksen Federal Building. Presiding over the trial was Federal Judge Thomas McMillan. We see the court drawings while the reporter describes the trial. The defendants refused to recognize the court.

0:03Copy video clip URL Video starts with a television news report. Male news reporter next to image of Mary Kretchmer. She is being held and questioned by police. Transition to next story of incitement of two teenage girls. Charged with armed robbery and shooting man named Anthony Hopfner.

0:53Copy video clip URL Video changes to another reporter discussing 10 suspects charged with conspiracies. Video changes to protesters at the Dirksen Federal Building. Trial shown through court drawings. Defendants did not recognize the court. Did not identify themselves, ripped the papers of indictment, refused to enter plea. Succeeding trial set February 3.

3:30Copy video clip URL Another reporter discussing murder of Mary Kretchmer. Strangled to death in Chicago Tribune offices. Police holding 16 year old boy who worked as a janitor in the building. Claims he struggled with Mary’s attacker but story does not match facts, police checking fingerprints and blood samples from scene.

4:08Copy video clip URL End of Tape.



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