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0:00 Bars and tone, Sedelmaier logo.

0:22 People speak quickly in foreign languages to save money on international calls. US Sprint.

0:52 People deal with an automated flight attendant, which is very dangerous. Alaska Airlines has real people taking care of you.

1:22 Man gets in taxi to go to airport. Driver drives slowly until he finds out that the man is flying on Alaska Air, because unlike all the other airlines, Alaska always leaves on time.

2:21 Canadians talk about what they did with the money they saved on fiberglass insulation. They bought a tiny vacation home and play mini golf in their tiny yard. Fiberglas Pink.

3:22 Another odd Canadian couple talks about what they did with the money they saved on insulation. They bought hundreds of plastic flamingoes to put in their yard. Fiberglas Pink.

3:54 We see the microscopic meals that airlines are serving to cut back on cost. Alaska Airlines has good foods, though.

4:24 We see a cramped airplane where the company has been cutting costs. Andy Dick makes a brief appearance as a squished passenger. These are the conditions that occur when you get reduced rate tickets – you have to pay just to use the bathroom. Alaska Air never does things like this.

4:56 Giant family talks long distance for hours because they can afford it with US Sprint.

5:25 History of cleaning times for gas barbecues. Self Clean by the Happy Cooker cleans itself.

5:56 Man talks about how jewelers make money on diamonds. Kay Jewelers are not as dishonest as other jewelers who m ark up their prices by thousands of dollars.

6:28 Small man and huge woman dance. Woman falls through floor. Ad in French for Tang.

6:57 Phone rings and man gives important message, but cuts out too much and is unintelligible. This won’t happen with Foncard from US Sprint.

7:29 People are tortured while working out. Ad in German for a dessert. Obstgarten.

7:51 Funeral procession. One car is fuming and making cars behind swerve. Man doesn’t use good motor oil. Valvoline FourGard for 4 cylinder engines.

8:50 Men being massaged in industrial looking spa. They talk about pizza prices at Little Caesars.

9:23 Man pushes through airport crowds and gets stopped by security and has trouble getting to his plane. Alaska Airlines understands that getting to your plane is a challenge and so they treat you well once you get there.

9:53 Man buys life insurance from department store, which apparently is confusing. Independent Life makes insurance simple.

10:25 Men describe an awful sound. US Sprintl long distance comes in clear as a bell.

10:54 Family tries to repair broken pipe. In Italian. Europas sistance.

11:25 Man tries on yellow sneakers. Nike HiJacks. Look almost like wrestling shoes.

11:56 Old women try on shoes. One has the yellow Nike Lady HiJacks.

12:26 Old man tries on red Nike Vandals.

12:56 Man gets shaken around on vibrating chair. Son tries to talk on phone but can’t hear anything. He needs US Sprint fiber optic sound quality.

13:27 Man in car with limo driver. They talk about the important executive in the back who is a little shell shocked from his terrible airplane flight. Alaska Airlines treats everyone like royalty.

13:57 Men in elevator. Woman comes in with dozens of dogs jumping all over. Voice over explains that British people will take anything, including expensive charges from their bank. Nationwide Anglia has no transaction charges, because they know who the money really belongs to.

14:42 Man talking with psychiatrist says he doesn’t hear voices anymore because of other noises. He is talking about his bad long distance connection. US Sprint would eliminate those problems.

15:11 Canadians Mr and Mrs Bernard Russel and son by their new swimming pool that they bought with money they saved on insulation. Fiberglas Pink.

15:47 Little Caesars has low overhead. Ceiling literally falls down on a couple.

16:03 Executive in meeting tries to make long distance conference c all. All he gets through are random sounds. US Sprint.

16:33 Russan band plays. Russian fashion show. Rotund woman comes out with same outfit for every category of clothing. Having no choice is no fun. At Wendy ‘ s you get your choice of fresh toppings.

17:34 Sedelmaier logo.

17:50 End of tape.



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