Feast of Fools

This is a brief documentary about Mardi Gras. It is made up almost exclusively of on-site shots with a few off-site interviews sprinkled in.

0:15Copy video clip URL Open on sign saying “Feast of Fools.” Cutting between many shots of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. “This is one day  you can be a kid and no one cares,” many people are dressed ridiculously  and seem to be having a great time.

2:50Copy video clip URL Two quick interviews are shown, giving differing opinions on Mardi Gras. “This is the place for the bizarre.”

5:55Copy video clip URL Cut to men speaking about the evils of Mardi Gras.

7:32Copy video clip URL Maureen Detweiler, of the New Orleans mayor’s office, says “You really have a fabulous time when you’re masked.” She seems to be the voice supporting Mardi Gras.

10:45Copy video clip URL Cut to a group of people performing on the kazoo. Many different shots of a variety of performances by different people from tap dancing, to a marching band, to maracas.

11:58Copy video clip URL “People who enjoy carnival season are people who had good experiences when they were children,” says Detweiler. Many shots of different parts of Mardi Gras.

15:16Copy video clip URL “We only enforce violations against private property and public interest…we ignore minor violations,” says a New Orleans police officer. There are police officers all over.

18:46Copy video clip URL Shows people cleaning up the mess that is a result of Mardi Gras.

19:52Copy video clip URL “When I was a boy on Ash Wednesday I saw my mother saying ‘oh my head!’ and the maid saying ‘oh my head!’ Everyone was out.”



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