Five Day Bicycle Race (30 min version)

A documentary made at and about the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York City, which was produced as a live 3-hour cablecast for five days during the convention. It was subsequently broadcast on WTTW and other PBS stations. It chronicles the events on in and around the convention, and includes interviews with various delegates, politicians, members of the media, and people connected to Jimmy Carter, including Rosalynn Carter and Jeff Carter (Jimmy's son). It also includes footage from the convention floor, and demonstrators outside the convention, led by Ron Kovic.

0:11Copy video clip URL Shirley Love introduces the Five Day Bicycle Race event.

0:22Copy video clip URL B-roll of a couple dancing in the foreground with a crowd in the background, live music is being played. 

0:23Copy video clip URL Title Card “The Five Day Bicycle Race”  

0:26Copy video clip URL Second Title Card “Inside and Outside the Democratic Convention” “New York City” “July, 1976”

0:54Copy video clip URL Another camera view of small group talking, the test “Rosalynn Carter” appears on screen.  Interviewer asks her questions regarding being in the public eye and her husband’s political race for president. 

2:24Copy video clip URL “Robert Strauss Dem Party Chairman” appears on screen, interviewer regarding Carters plans for organization, Strauss declines to answers. 

2:53Copy video clip URL Another man is seen in a crowd and the interviewer approaches him and asked to comment on Carters plans for organization, man walks away and into a room cheering.

3:12Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks “Carl Albert House Speaker”. The interviewer ask Carl Albert house speaker if Carter has talked to him about his plans for reorganization, Albert mentions public works jobs and HUD related programming.

3:56Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks another gentleman about Carter’s plans Tim O’Neill house majority leader.  

4:23Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks to Robert Byrd Senate Majority Whip about Carter’s plans for restructuring the federal government, mentioned Carter hasn’t discussed any plans.  

4:49Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks to Rosalynn Carter about being politically involved as a first Lady. She says it’s impossible to separate being involved in politics and married to the president.  

6:05Copy video clip URL Another camera review of a crowd “The Mondales” speak to rosalynn Carter.  

6:16Copy video clip URL The interviewer speaks to“Rep” Bella Abzug. 

7:00Copy video clip URL A camera view outside, B-roll of a protest. The interviewer speaks to a man on the street.  

 8:16Copy video clip URL Inside Madison Square Garden. Interviewer talks to three men who looked to be construction workers.  The interviewer asks about their political affiliation and who they plan to vote for president. 

9:59Copy video clip URL Another camera view, Jeff Carter talks About being in public with Jimmy Carter.  

10:57Copy video clip URL Jeff Carter and interviewer talk about the TV series Mary Hartman.

12:17Copy video clip URL interviewer asked Jeff Carter his thoughts on marijuana, he thinks it should be decriminalized and that the police should focus on arrest for harder narcotics 

13:28Copy video clip URL Interview asked Jeff Carter about rolling Stones event, speak on people he met at the concert.

14:28Copy video clip URL Another camera view of people going inside a building, ” Outside the Rolling Stone party, a man a part of Carter’s team is asked about Rolling Stone endorsing Carter for president. He’s trying to listen to Barbara Jordan and a handheld radio, the interviewer moves microphone to radio. 

16:07Copy video clip URL Another camera view is on Ron Kovic who is in a wheelchair and is unable to get access into the Rolling Stones event. 

18:04Copy video clip URL Camera is on Rep. Bella Abzug who welcomes audience to the convention. 

19:40Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks Daniel P. Moynihan what they feel about the convention 

19:52Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks to Rep. Shirley Chisholm. 

20:16Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks with Chevy Chase.

20:28Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks with Rep. Robert Drinan. 

20:48Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks with Betty Friedan. 

21:01Copy video clip URL Interview speaks with the Chevy Chase 

21:16Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks with child about children’s news magazine. And the child’s experience covering the convention as a reporter. 

22:15Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks with Roger Mudd, CBS News about experience working at convention as reporter and personal political affiliations.  

23:48Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks with Reverend Jesse Jackson.

24:51Copy video clip URL Camera view at a bar, interviewer speaks to Bob Conner, president of Staten Island’s Bar Association.  

25:33Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks with Governor Jerry Brown.

27:31Copy video clip URL Camera view of crowd outside Convention. A person dressed up as Abraham Lincoln is holding an upset baby.  

28:02Copy video clip URL Title card the proceeding broadcast was excerpted from the image unions live coverage of the Democratic national convention which was seen in New York City on Manhattan cable television July 11th – 15th 1976 

28:14Copy video clip URL Credits.



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