Five Day Bicycle Race

A documentary made at the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York City, which was produced as a live 3-hour cablecast for five days during the convention. It was subsequently broadcast on WTTW and other PBS stations. It chronicles the events in and around the convention, and includes interviews with various delegates, politicians, members of the media, and people connected to Jimmy Carter, including Rosalynn Carter and Jeff Carter (Jimmy's son). It also includes footage from the convention floor and demonstrators outside the convention, led by Ron Kovic.

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1:56Copy video clip URL Rosalynn Carter is interviewed. “Do all these microphones or cameras upset you at this point … or are you used to it?” She explains how she gradually got used to it after campaigning with Jimmy. “What’s the single most important thing that you hope for with this administration?” People are very skeptical about Carter’s ability to change to federal government and she wants to see him prove that he can.

3:31Copy video clip URL Several people including Robert Strauss, Hubert Humphrey, Carl Albert and Tip O’Neill are asked if they are know anything about how Jimmy Carter plans to reorganize the federal government.

5:45Copy video clip URL Rosalynn Carter answers questions about being the first lady and her political involvement.

8:03Copy video clip URL “And he wondered what it would be like to be president and he said to himself ‘I have always wanted to be president…'” Narrative addressing what it would be like to be president, what questions and emotions one may experience.

11:59Copy video clip URL Bella Abzug: “There are two real worlds here, one inside and one outside… I deal with both worlds at all times because that is the only way to live…”

12:42Copy video clip URL Members of the International Committee Against Racism are marching down the street. A member of the national executive committee explains the committee’s message to Jimmy Carter and the public.

15:08Copy video clip URL “I would like to tell you something about the state of the nation…” In front of The Chase Manhattan Bank, a member of the crew talks to passers-by as he claims to be a Rockefeller and owner of the bank, railroads and little pieces of everything.

17:20Copy video clip URL Still in front of the bank. “Let me tell you one thing… unless this city wakes up and respect the man that is paying the taxes you don’t have nothing… listen you a nothing just like I’m me; I’m nothing… I would like to see everything equal for everyone…”

19:42Copy video clip URL Jeff Carter is interviewed. He is asked questions such as: “What kind of emotional reaction do you have to this kind of thing (his father’s campaign)?” “How do you feel about marijuana?” and “Are you a Mary Hartmann fan?”

25:14Copy video clip URL Outside of the Rolling Stone party which was thrown in support of Jimmy Carter.

26:53Copy video clip URL Ron Kovic, U.S. Marine and Vietnam veteran, attempts to get into the Rolling Stone party, but is denied. “If veterans can’t get into this party where does Jimmy Carter stand and where does Rolling Stone stand? Why can’t I get in here… am being discriminated against? I represent thousand of veterans.”

33:08Copy video clip URL Interviews with several people attending the convention including Bob Conner, a representative of Massachusetts, Betty Friedan, and Chevy Chase.

38:02Copy video clip URL Bella Abzug: “I think that this is a great coming together of Americans… I believe we’re going to nominate a president that’s going to lead this country in the right direction for all Americans instead of the wrong directions we’ve had for too long under the Republicans.”

42:57Copy video clip URL Interview with a young boy who is a member of Children’s Express, which is a children’s news magazine. He says that he is one of about 15 reporters covering the convention, putting in long, exhausting hours each day.

44:26Copy video clip URL Roger Mudd of CBS news is asked about his experience at the convention and also about his political views and candidate preferences.

46:55Copy video clip URL Harry Reasoner of ABC news expresses how people in broadcasting feel about political conventions.

47:23Copy video clip URL Jesse Jackson highlights several demands that were made upon Jimmy Carter. “Those demands include of course… blacks participating vertically and horizontally in the transition government… commitment to affirmative action and using blacks at every level of his administration.” He’s also asked “Is it hard for you to be sitting in the same section as Mayor Daley?” is response he says “No, because I am bigger than racism, I’m free of having to react to people…”

49:01Copy video clip URL David Dellinger asked to comment on Jesse Jackson’s view of Mayor Daley. He also discusses Jimmy Carter and democracy.

55:46Copy video clip URL “I don’t see this as a bicycle race, I see it as a pilgrimage,” says Jerry Brown, governor of California. Just as Brown and his team are trying to leave the car stalls, he says, “I think this is symbolic of the whole campaign. We just ran out of gas at the last minute… That’s a sign that if you don’t make it the first time you try again…”

57:40Copy video clip URL Footage of performers just outside of the convention.



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