[The 90’s raw: Woman Aware – Fred Kent #1]

Raw footage shot for the award-winning series The 90's. This tape features an interview with Claudia Reid of Woman Aware and Fred Kent, founder of Project for Public Spaces.

00:00Copy video clip URL A little girl shows a trick she can do with her eyebrows.

00:55Copy video clip URL Three kids jump on a bed.

02:30Copy video clip URL Claudia Reid, a representative from Woman Aware in Manhattan talks about ways to avoid being mugged. She talks about a class taught at Woman Aware to teach women to feel safe and in control. She says to look calm and confident, rather than stressed or preoccupied.

06:25Copy video clip URL A woman named Meg acts out a scenario in which a distracted and seemingly lost woman is wandering down a dangerous looking alley. In the acted out skit, a man jumps out of a doorway to attack her.

07:50Copy video clip URL Reid talks more about Woman Aware, and a lot of the socially constructed behaviors women commonly make the mistake of using. She talks about Woman Aware’s commitment to empowering women with more confidence and control.

14:00Copy video clip URL Reid talks about the classes taught in SoHo, and various interesting and beneficial components of these classes.

16:35Copy video clip URL Reid talks about how her involvement with Woman Aware began.

20:25Copy video clip URL Reid explains a reenactment of a situation for the group to perform, and then they act it out. It shows a man trying to steal a woman’s backpack. They act it out several times.

26:00Copy video clip URL Reid makes a point about self defense in the case of an armed attacker. If they have a gun or a knife, it’s better to just give them your money and not fight back.

27:00Copy video clip URL Another reenactment of the training.

28:00Copy video clip URL Fred Kent, founder of Project for Public Spaces, talks about a projected video of a wastebasket on a busy street, and people’s various interactions with it.

30:25Copy video clip URL Another sequence of video. Kent describes what can be seen, mostly people’s reactions to their environments and to each other.

34:48Copy video clip URL Now outside on Bleecker Street and 7th Avenue, Kent talks about the different specialty food stores nearby. He talks about the storefronts and their social aspects, and the importance of the “small town” feel of a neighborhood in the largest city in the US.

41:00Copy video clip URL He talks about the increase in farmer’s markets in recent times, and why that might be.

46:30Copy video clip URL Kent talks about his interest in these social interactions and why it is exciting to him. He talks about the importance of community and neighborhoods like Greenwich Village.

51:00Copy video clip URL Kent is a geographer and an anthropologist, and he works to develop a way to fulfill people’s needs when it comes to public spaces. They continue to walk down the street, discussing the design of the stores and the people walking about.

1:02:29Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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