[Giving Birth: Frederick Leboyer 1]

An interview with Dr. Frederick Leboyer, author of the book Birth without Violence, for the documentary Giving Birth: Four Portraits.

00:00Copy video clip URL Set-up. 

00:43Copy video clip URL Filmmaker John Reilly introduces and asks his first question, asking. Dr. Frederick Leboyer to describe the set-up for the births that he supervises. Leboyer’s response is not audible. 

03:20Copy video clip URL Reilly asks Leboyer to focus on the specifics of light, of water, and of temperature in his birthing techniques. Leboyer’s response is not fully audible. 

06:23Copy video clip URL Set-up for a new camera shot. Leboyer discusses the lasting trauma of birth for a child, and the need to minimize the shock of birth. 

11:21Copy video clip URL The need to think of the baby as a person. 

12:37Copy video clip URL Discussion of the cleverness of infants. Leboyer is not fully audible. 

15:35Copy video clip URL Filmmaker Julie Gustafson asks Leboyer whether his patients are exceptional. His response is not audible. 

17:22Copy video clip URL Reilly asks about parallels about parallels to his birthing methods in other societies. Leboyer discusses societies that prioritize the mother spending time alone with the child. 

19:27Copy video clip URL Discussion of the importance of eye contact between mother and child. 

20:07  Discussion of water birth. 



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