[Giving Birth: Frederick Leboyer 3]

An interview with Dr. Frederick Leboyer, author of the book Birth without Violence, for the documentary Giving Birth: Four Portraits.

00:37Copy video clip URL Dr. Leboyer discusses the “trend” towards using technology in the birthing process

02:33Copy video clip URL The necessity of accepting risk, in childbirth and in our everyday lives, and the way that fear drives choices that may have other effects: the reliance on drugs and surgery during childbirth.

05:01Copy video clip URL The seriousness of c-sections, both in terms of health risks and in long-term emotional impact. He asserts that there are longterm psychological effects for people who do not experience a “normal” childbirth. 

09:30Copy video clip URL The percentage of “abnormal” births that involve surgery or forceps versus “natural” childbirths. The differences between American and French methods. 

11:50Copy video clip URL The need for doctors to be calm and self-confident in delivering a baby. Too many people in a birthing room can cause too much excitement and anxiety and affect the mother. 

17:30Copy video clip URL Discussion of home births. 

18:50Copy video clip URL The necessity for “medical men” to also be artists and not just mathematicians. 



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  1. Yvette says:

    Read Leboyer Book c1988 borrowed from an interstate library.
    So pleased to hear these 4 Videos, although Vid 2 is impossible to hear.
    Gone are the old ways50 yrs later of turning babies upside down & smacking. unfortunately the new Way of Ceserian is overdone.

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