[Giving Birth: Frederick Leboyer 4]

Footage of an interview with Dr. Frederick Leboyer for the documentary Giving Birth: Four Portraits, directed by Julie Gustafson and John Reilly.

00:29Copy video clip URL Dr. Leboyer on the couch. Videomaker John Reilly asks Leboyer about the position of the woman giving birth. Discussion of various positions and birthing methods in American and around the world. His response is inaudible.

04:20Copy video clip URL Videomaker Julie Gustafson and Reilly talk with Dr. Leboyer about previous topics of discussion and re-set the shot. 

05:35Copy video clip URL Reilly asks Leboyer to provide a “recap” of methods used in the delivery room. His response is inaudible. 

09:05Copy video clip URL Gustafson asks Leboyer to talk about the shock of birth. Leboyer talks about the importance of skin-to-skin contact between mother and child in treating birth trauma. The comfort of water births. Intermittently audible. 

16:28Copy video clip URL Reilly asks about the baby’s experience within the womb and the transition from muted sensations to an overwhelmingly strong series of sensations in the outside world. Leboyer’s response is inaudible. 

17:57Copy video clip URL Cultures that measure one’s life from the time of conception rather than birth. 

18:26Copy video clip URL Another member of the video crew asks Leboyer about his views on abortion. His response is only partially audible, but appears to center the mother’s needs.

21:56Copy video clip URL Gustafson asks about the mother’s experience during birth. His response is cut off mid-sentence. 



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