[Freeze Frame demo]

Demo of television show called "Freeze Frame" dedicated to the issue of ending nuclear arms race.  Sponsored by the Illinois Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign.

00:54Copy video clip URL Opening sequence.

01:46Copy video clip URL Intro by hosts in the studio.  They explain the new series “Freeze Frame” and highlight what the program is all about.

02:53Copy video clip URL Clip of a documentary on the campaign to freeze the arms race.

04:23Copy video clip URL Cut back to studio to introduce another set of clips which features interviews with citizens. A clip of these interviews with citizens and their positions on the nuclear arms race and disarmament is shown. Chaka Khan is interviewed, among other people.

06:30Copy video clip URL Cut back to studio introducing the humor and fun involved in the program. A clip of nuclear testing with humorous voice over is shown.

08:06Copy video clip URL Cut to studio for introduction of segment called “Listen to the Children.” In this clip, children are interviewed about their views on nuclear arms. Various children read letters written by other children in front of the White House as an act of protest.

10:18Copy video clip URL Cut back to studio to introduce next segment highlighting the Women’s Movement for Peace.

12:48Copy video clip URL Cut back to studio, where hosts wrap up the program and end credits.



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