Friday Night on Channel 6 – Night Owl Show

0:14 Count-in and titles for "Friday Night."

0:34Copy video clip URL Ed Sanders of The Fugs sings about nuclear power and bombs.

4:34Copy video clip URL Tourist USA. Senior tourists from Albany talk about visiting Woodstock, NY.

5:48Copy video clip URL Gypsy Moth Update, Anne and Howard Koch. A couple talk about trying to rid their property of plagues of gypsy moths.

8:32Copy video clip URL Media Bus Presents “Drink Me Deadly.” Water Detective Manny Katz talks about water contamination. “Fire In The Well.” Water detective and woman lower a cloth down into her well. She talks about having a new well drilled because her other well was contaminated. She plans to try to burn the rag to see if the water is contaminated. The rag starts on fire: “That’s the well they want us to drink from.”  Her husband, Dale Von Valkenburg, talks about his health problems and why he attributes them to the contaminated water. He explains that they can’t sell their house because appraisers say their property has no value. They say their key hope is to go to national television with their problem.

19:14Copy video clip URL Woodstock’s Talking Youth. Teenagers talk about growing up in Woodstock, trying to find jobs and recreation. “It turns into a very destructive thing, and you just hang out and get high.” The interviewer talks to kids outside a screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Kids talk about drugs as an escape from being bored. The police say that the kids problems are “nothing to do” and alcohol. “It’s a good place to go, but I don’t think you should plan on  spending your life here.”

26:29Copy video clip URL Turkey Dinner. Mitchell Kriegman takes cameraman along for a turkey dinner with his brother’s family, where everyone ignores him.

34:58Copy video clip URL Commercial for 1958 Edsel.

36:30Copy video clip URL Beginning of Night Owl Show. Two men compete in a low-tone contest, trying to make a lower sounding noise.

37:58Copy video clip URL Night Owl Titles.

38:30Copy video clip URL A doctor speaks to the viewers about “consciousness lowering.” “In order to cope in the world of ours, one must learn to desensitize oneself.” He gives an example of denying the reality of something: say someone yells, “Doctor, Doctor, your daughter has run away with an illegal alien!” The doctor replies, “That’s interesting. As soon as I have time I’ll check into this.” A  hilarious segment.

44:27Copy video clip URL Rolling Stones video “Emotional Rescue.”

45:13Copy video clip URL Viet Vet #3. Vietnam Veteran tells a story about the only person he knew of who had gotten a medal, a Colonel who shoots some Vietnamese soldiers who are already dead.

47:18Copy video clip URL Some people lying on the floor chanting.

47:48Copy video clip URL “A Private Moment.” A man opens a can of pineapple, drops a slice on the floor, then eats it anyway.

48:33Copy video clip URL People lying on floor and chanting. A nun talks about ways of sinning: by thought, by word, and by deed, or doing. She talks specifically about French kissing, which is a mortal sin. She demonstrates oral hygiene techniques for improving cleanliness of the mouth.

53:34Copy video clip URL Commentary. Abbie Hoffman compares Spring 1982 to Spring 1968, and the meaningfulness of protest about military buildup. He talks about injustices in El Salvador. “The Marine Hymn Song, I don’t know, some fascist wrote it.” SOME PICTURE PROBLEMS HERE AND A SPLIT SECOND OF FOOTAGE LOST.

59:43Copy video clip URL Night Owl End Credits.

1:00:51Copy video clip URL National Anthem played badly on saxophone.

1:02:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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