[Friends of WFMT meeting]

"Friends of WFMT" meeting featuring Thomas Geoghegan, Leon Despres, and Studs Terkel, among others, including Susan Lipman of WFMT. Meeting focuses on informing supporters about the history of the station and impending changes to the structure of its management. Studs talks at around thirty-five minutes about the challenges facing the station's long term survival.

00:04Copy video clip URL Tape begins with Thomas Geoghegan in the middle of a presentation to a small audience of “Friends of WFMT” supporters about the recent lawsuit over the use of the WFMT call letters in the group’s name by Chicago Educational Television Association, the parent company of WFMT. The audio is quite poor. There is a slight ringing effect coming off of the microphone that makes it very difficult to hear what the speaker is actually saying. The speaker takes a few questions from the audience members.

10:26Copy video clip URL Dr. Quentin Young takes the podium and thanks Geoghegan for his contribution. He then introduces Leon Despres, an attorney and politician from Chicago, who begins to talk about the history of WFMT. The camera operator gathers a few different shots of the room surrounding as well.

12:56Copy video clip URL Short close-up of Studs Terkel as he awaits to speak.

20:41Copy video clip URL The camera operator pans to the right and left, and records a man who looks like he is sleeping through the conference.

26:21Copy video clip URL Young takes the podium and introduces Susan Lipman of WFMT.

28:31Copy video clip URL Lipman takes the podium talks a little more about the situation and possible changes at WMFT.

36:39Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel steps up to the podium and begins to talk about WFMT and its strong supporters. He discusses the current situation at WFMT and the importance of continued public support. He speaks quite eloquently about the problems at the station and commands the audience’s attention throughout his speech.

39:35Copy video clip URL Quick cut to footage of Carolyn Faber and an unidentified person watching a commercial about “The 90’s” memorabilia.

41:44Copy video clip URL Cut back to Studs Terkel working the crowd at the meeting. When finished speaking, Terkel receives a nice round of applause.

43:12Copy video clip URL Cut to b-roll of Michigan Ave. and The Arts Club of Chicago.

44:15Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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