[Full Circle raw #15]

Raw footage from the feminist-oriented event organized by Suzanne Lacy. Important women from around the country convene for a dinner and videotaped conversation. Airport pickups: Anita Hill pt 2, Anita in hotel room pt 1.

00:22Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Anita Hill sitting in the back of a car. The videographer introduces himself. He asks her what “ritual” means to her. She talks about her fondness family rituals, and expresses her doubt that this could be a ritual. She talks about why she likes the project. A woman in the car with her explains why she values this event.

8:50Copy video clip URL They chat about the small farm that Hill grew up on. She talks about the cultural atmosphere of Oklahoma City. 

14:20Copy video clip URL They talk about Chicago. Footage out the window. They plan to stop and look at a rock that is a part of the project. The woman explains that hundreds of the rocks were scattered around the city to represent influential women. They talk about the logistics and inspiration for the project.

23:08Copy video clip URL They get out of the car so Hill can look at one of the rocks. They continue talking back in the car about the project and the city. Small talk about things they pass.

29:30Copy video clip URL They arrive at the hotel and Hill goes upstairs.

30:39Copy video clip URL Another woman involved in the project is sitting in the lobby. She talks about feminism, and then about why she cares about his project. They talk about the effect of recording the event and performance.

35:15Copy video clip URL Cut to the hotel room with Hill. She talks with a woman about the plans for the dinner. The woman explains the schedule for the event, commenting on why they made some decisions. She tells Hill the topics they intend to cover. Hill responds to the plan. They discuss why they invited the women they did, and talk generally about human trafficking and abuse of women.

58:49Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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