[Full Circle raw #16]

Raw footage from the feminist-oriented event organized by Suzanne Lacy. Important women from around the country convene for a dinner and videotaped conversation. Anita in hotel room part 2, pre Hull House before and after dinner, after dinner part 1.

00:02Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Anita Hill sitting in a hotel room. She talks with another woman about violence against women.

4:50Copy video clip URL The woman leaves Hill. Another woman talks about the space.

6:00Copy video clip URL Cut to the women gathered together before the dinner. They chat. One woman talks to the camera about how she feels about what will happen. They all sit down at a table together. The camera man talks to a Cherokee woman about her background and her feelings about the project.

16:10Copy video clip URL The camera man talks to a Korean woman about a statement she made that “women created Jesus.”

19:48Copy video clip URL A woman talks to them about the schedule. Hill enters the room. Women chat. Camera moves outside; shaky footage.

22:05Copy video clip URL Cut to outside the hotel. Camera man talks to a Gloria Steinem about what it is like to be older than 50. They get into a car to drive to the venue. Conversation in the car between the camera man, a woman from South Africa, and Steinem. He asks them about the changes they suggested for the event, and they talk about politics in s.

37:00Copy video clip URL They arrive at the Hull House, where the event will take place. Footage of the women arriving. The Cherokee woman gives her first impressions. He talks with a planner about the food they will be serving. Footage of the house and preparations being made. Women begin to sit at the table and talk casually, jumping from topic to topic, sometimes focusing on different political leaders. Background noise. Focus on a woman from South Africa speaking about government and education. Hill and Steinem talk about feminism more broadly.

1:02:37Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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