Gangs: The New Chicago Mob?

WMAQ-TV special reported by Carol Marin that connects Chicago's street gangs to organized crime.

00:21Copy video clip URL “Gangs: The New Chicago Mob?” Production screen.

00:38Copy video clip URL Carol Marin reports on gangs in Chicago. Footage of Chicago streets. Marin talks about the drug sales and violent crimes made by mature gangs that run the streets of Chicago. Audio glitch over top of the report. Marin describes the Black P. Stone Nation’s transition to become El Rukn organization, an Islamic group. She talks about the leader, Jeff Fort. She talks to the police about El Rukn buying property around the city. Cut to black. 

6:23Copy video clip URL Footage of 51 Vice Lords, another gang, being arrested at a pinball parlor. Marin mentions another gang, The Disciples, renamed The Sons and Daughters of the Star. Marin reports on gangs in the prison system. They talk about some of the violence that results from the gang interactions both on the street and in prisons. Police and prison officials working together. Cut to black. 

12:00Copy video clip URL Video glitchy. Audio of Marin talking to young people about pressure for them to join gangs. Marin talks to police about growing Latino and white gangs. She speaks with a man who is in witness protection after testifying in a gang violence case. She talks about the way that gang activity has altered neighborhood relations with the police. Cut to black. 

17:44Copy video clip URL Marin reports on police and government action taken against gangs. She talks with an attorney about the over-generalizations made against young black men as a result of gang activity. Story about a young student killed in a gang related shooting. A legislator talks about how unemployment, poverty, and lack of education affect gang activity. Several people talk about potential solutions.

24:13Copy video clip URL Credits.

24:50Copy video clip URL Tape ends.  



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