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A compilation of footage from the Evenson home in Arizona and elsewhere, including the Love Family in Seattle. One Love Family member performs a mime routine and another explains his scientific experiments to discover a new molecule that can be demonstrably affected by love.

00:03Copy video clip URL A shirtless man sings a song he dedicates to “all the mothers in the world, to all the wombs, to all the unborn children.” Footage of a teepee being erected. The man putting up the teepee holds up religious paintings as the music transitions to new age drone. As the audio returns to the shirtless singer, the other man does gymnastics on a teepee structure. 

04:19Copy video clip URL A woman talks about the importance of continuing to help people, even when she’s tired. She explains that she revitalized a man dying of liver cancer through her kindness. 

05:24Copy video clip URL A Native American man discusses the need for harmony in our existence. 

08:30Copy video clip URL Children working in an Arizona garden. Adults rake dirt while discussing rainfall. 

10:22Copy video clip URL Inside the house, where the video makers are watching a video on monitors and editing a tape together. 

11:28Copy video clip URL The children and Dudley Evenson work in the yard, the children singing “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” as they spread hay around the garden. 

14:10Copy video clip URL A pink moon. Images of the sky during a lunar eclipse. 

35:20Copy video clip URL A Love Family member in clown makeup performs mime.  An unseen audience laughs. 

40:00Copy video clip URL A song played on acoustic guitar over images of a ranch and a stream. 

40:43Copy video clip URL A Love Family member discusses a scientific experiment in which he attempted to measure “the effect of our love on the most basic compounds, the smallest unit of life, which I assumed was DNA – I didn’t know. That was what flashed in my mind: DNA. Everybody likes DNA. Of several of the words of sacraments that turn people on, DNA is one of them. So I got all the way into it, studying it, looking at molecular structure, isolating molecules, teaching myself how to do chromatography and get into extracting compounds called alkaloids, which are magical compounds in plants… Mostly I’ve been working with molds…. With the children we’re investigating penicillin. We’re gonna make our own penicillin.” He demonstrates chromatography. 

46:35Copy video clip URL The demonstrations continue. “Basically what I’m doing is I’m researching into new kinds of molecules in molds that might give me a simple way of analyzing how we can affect the center of the DNA by our focused light, the light of our love. Which might seem a little farfetched to some scientists but it’s not too far out to us, who know that our love can affect everything. So what I wanted to do is prove scientifically that we could actually influence and change a molecule, change substances, with the focused light of our love. Probably the elders all sitting around focusing their light. That’s how Love saw it. On TV hopefully, just carrying out a molecular change so that we could include the scientists of the earth and the university community in the excitement of magic and Love University.” He discusses further his efforts to discover new molecules of “the magical substances called alkaloids.” 

55:52Copy video clip URL A demonstration of chromatography using filter paper, whose results he jokes “must be magic” because he doesn’t “pretend to understand everything that happens right at the moment that it happens. I just watch it,  and appreciate it, and enjoy it, and meditate on it, and hope for god’s direction as to what to do next. Mostly I really would love to discover new molecules that were sensitive to the light of our love and show the world’s scientists what I already know to be true. I’m not trying to prove anything to myself. I already know that it works. I already know that love is the answer.” 

58:32Copy video clip URL A nighttime basketball game between adults and kids. 

59:24Copy video clip URL Daytime. A large group doing calisthenics. 

59:40Copy video clip URL Inside at night. Woodworking. 



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