[Hang Gliding / Baseball Game / Mahadeva Ashram]

Footage of the desert and of hang gliding in the desert, along with brief footage of a college baseball game and a local news report about the Mahadeva Ashram in Tucson, Arizona.

00:07Copy video clip URL Hang gliders soaring across a canyon. 

16:01Copy video clip URL A baseball game, filmed from the left field bleachers. 

18:25Copy video clip URL A local news report about Mahadeva Ashram in Tucson, Arizona. 

21:12Copy video clip URL Hang gliding, accompanied by new age music. 

29:21Copy video clip URL The desert, with storm clouds in the distance. Footage of birds in flight. A rainbow. The setting sun shining through the clouds. 

39:10Copy video clip URL Hang gliders sit on a hill preparing their gliders. 

43:35Copy video clip URL A hang glider takes off. Others follow. Footage of hang gliding through the canyon. 



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