[Gary Hart campaigning in Ohio]

This news report covers Gary Hart's campaign in Ohio during his run to win the Democratic primaries leading up to the 1984 presidential election.

0:19Copy video clip URL The news report begins, covering Gary Hart’s campaign in Ohio during the Democratic primaries leading up to the 1984 presidential election. Hart was trying to gain traction with blue collar workers in Ohio who would otherwise support Walter Mondale, Hart’s rival for the nomination. Elizabeth Brackett speaks to Hart about the campaign.

1:37Copy video clip URL Brackett discusses Mahoning Valley, an area which has suffered greatly after the closure of many steel mills. The bitterness of the unemployed steel workers may work to Hart’s advantage, and so he has been trying to tie Mondale to the valley’s past problems. Many people in the area are disillusioned with Mondale, despite the fact that he’s backed by the labor unions.

4:30Copy video clip URL Brackett states that Jesse Jackson may prove to be a major opponent for Hart’s campaign in this area. “In an area where there is so little hope, Jackson’s more radical message is appealing.”

5:03Copy video clip URL Video goes black. Audio repeats.

5:36Copy video clip URL Ohio media consultant Jerry Austin believes that Hart’s attempt to link Mondale to problems in Mahoning Valley may have started too late to be effective. Hart has also failed to pick up major political endorsements. Former opponent John Glenn of Ohio did not endorse any candidate, although many of Glenn’s supporters have chosen to back Mondale’s campaign.

7:51Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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