[Fans waiting to buy tickets for Genesis at Park West]

Ticket sales and interviews outside of the Park West in Chicago. The band Genesis announced a surprise show at this intimate venue hours before, and these are the people who rushed to stand in line for tickets.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with man talking.

00:28Copy video clip URL Park West exterior. People are waiting for tickets.

01:10Copy video clip URL Fans inside cheering and waving. We pan down the line outside.

01:49Copy video clip URL Shot of street sign. Armitage. Pan out to exterior of Park West.

02:30Copy video clip URL Shot of people’s feet standing in line.

02:58Copy video clip URL Building exterior, fan shots. Close-ups of particular faces. Man sleeping in car.

03:45Copy video clip URL Man talks about the relationship between Chicago and Genesis. Genesis wanted to give something back to their fans, so they are having a concert in a small club. Show was announced three hours before the show went on sale in order to avoid people waiting in lines for days. He talks about the Park West’s facilities.

05:43Copy video clip URL Terri Hemmert talks about how WXRT organized the Genesis concerts and the relationship between the band and the station. Hemmert says that she knows that the people standing in line are longtime fans because she has seen them at a number of shows.

07:00Copy video clip URL Behind the ticket counter. Fans purchase their tickets. The man selling tickets thinks they will sell out in 2-3 hours.

08:45Copy video clip URL Outside the ticket booth. Shot of sign saying concert goers must be 21.

09:20Copy video clip URL Interview with man. He claims he hates Genesis. Interviewer insists the man has all of the band’s albums.

10:01Copy video clip URL Interview with man about how he heard about the show.

10:29Copy video clip URL Man says he rode six miles on his bike to get tickets. He says he has been a Genesis fan for seven years. He thinks the show will be great since it is in such a small venue.

11:39Copy video clip URL Interview with couple. They describe hearing about the concert and driving 45 miles to get there to buy tickets. They didn’t go to the concerts at the Rosemont Horizon because they don’t like the venue.

12:49Copy video clip URL Interview with the last person in line. The interviewers question his loyalty to the band. He claims his friend is coming and then he’ll be the last in line. He says he has been a Genesis fan for 10 years, since he was in junior high. He has previously seen the band at the Rosemont Horizon.

14:30Copy video clip URL Overhead shots of the crowd.

14:40Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Gary Vevang says:

    History has proven that these lucky people were to see 3 of the best. The music wasn’t what it WAS…..but it was still awesome. I found this video because I searched Italy, Montreal & Chicago. I don’t know if Chicago was top 3 but I do know that in 1973 while 14 years old and living in Arlington Hts. that my older brother came home with Selling England.He played it once or twice and as history has proven…..I know beauty when I’m exposed to it.

  2. Dave Slade says:

    I was there. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Still would love to find a copy of the show someday.

  3. Bill Karabel says:

    I was there, front row seats, we took pictures, although cameras were not allowed, we sneaked in a 35mm camera under our army coat, classic performance. We through a LEF VIsor on the stage that night. Genesis played the next night at the Rosemont Horizon and Phil Collins walked on stage with the LED Visor on, it was classic!

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