[George W. Bush on Oprah]

This tape includes an episode of Oprah with guest George W. Bush in October of 2000 just before the general election. Oprah talks to Bush about his candidacy, his campaign, and his personal life. There is also footage of the tail end of ABC's Good Morning America, an episode of The View, and the first few minutes of the Soap Opera Port Charles.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with footage from ABC’s Good Morning America. This lasts for several minutes.

05:23Copy video clip URL Fade into the Oprah intro. We watch as Oprah makes her way out on to the stage. She gives a brief introduction and explains why she has brought George W. Bush on the show. Her goal is to help reveal the real George W. Bush.

07:23Copy video clip URL Bush makes his way out onto the stage and is greeted with a standing ovation. Bush and Oprah eventually sit down and begin to talk about the Presidential race. Oprah asks Bush about his lagging in the polls. Bush responds, “I am running against a formidable opponent. I am and I know it. It’s going to be a tough race. I think I’m going to win when it’s all said and done. But it’s going to be close and it’s good for the country to have a good close race.” Bush talks about his campaigning throughout the country. “I think it’s a test of message and vision, and compassion–a test of leadership.”

09:39Copy video clip URL A young audience member asks Bush how a person like her fits into his platform. Bush addresses her and states that he’d like for her to achieve her dreams through hard work. He emphasizes the need for young people to be educated so that they can work towards their dreams. Bush goes on to talk about his education platform and states that reading is the most important building block of education. He cites some of the educational programs that he implemented in Texas to help back up his point.

12:46Copy video clip URL Oprah asks Bush how he defines himself. Bush responds that he’d like to be defined by his heart. “I want people to know I care a lot about our fellow citizens. I love my country. I love the people that live in America. I don’t want people to be left behind. I don’t want there to be, Oprah what’s called this gap of hope where some children are saying ‘America’s not meant for me.’ I hope people get to know my heart.” Bush goes on to say, “Well a leader is somebody who’s not afraid to take positions. A leader is somebody who’s willing to bring people together to get things done…A leader is somebody willing to make decisions based upon principle not polls or focus groups. A leader is somebody willing to share credit and to take the heat.” Bush eventually addresses the same audience member that asked the question and states that he thinks she should be able to keep more money in her pocket.

16:02Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

18:32Copy video clip URL Cut back to the program. We watch a brief clip from Bush’s Republican nomination acceptance speech.

19:03Copy video clip URL Oprah asks Bush to describe a time in which he needed forgiveness. Bush responds by giving general answers. When Oprah says that she’s looking for specifics, Bush jokingly responds, “I know you are but I’m running for President.” Oprah goes on to ask but about the notion that he can’t truly reveal himself to the American people. Bush states that he has revealed a lot about himself and states that he’s “a sinner who sought redemption and found it.” Bush also states that he takes great comfort in his religion and talks about it in detail.

21:00Copy video clip URL Oprah asks Bush if he feels called to be President. Bush responds by saying that he does feel called to be President. He then talks about some of his concerns and goals for the future. The two continue to talk about his decision to run for President. “I decided to run because I wanted to make sure that this American experience is available for everyone. I want to usher in the responsibility era or be a part of ushering in a new culture Oprah, that says each individual is going to be accountable for the decisions that he or she makes in life.”

23:49Copy video clip URL When asked if government has a soul, Bush responds that it doesn’t. “I think what government ought to do is tap the soul of America by calling upon faith based groups and community organizations, and the big brothers and big sisters organizations.”

24:55Copy video clip URL Bush showcases why the American people should vote for him to be President. He gives several reasons why, citing his leadership capabilities and a number of different educational and social programs.

26:25Copy video clip URL A viewer had sent in an e-mail that asks Bush what he believes is the public’s biggest misconception of him. Bush talks about the fact that many people believe he’s “running on his daddy’s name.” He goes on to talk about his father and the reasons he is running for President.

29:08Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

31:53Copy video clip URL Cut back to the show. We watch as a clip of Bush aboard his campaign plane addressing the passengers via intercom. Following the clip, Oprah asks Bush to share a joke with the audience.

33:44Copy video clip URL An audience member interrupts the interview by asking Bush a question. Oprah eventually cuts to a commercial break.

34:16Copy video clip URL Cut to a commercial break.

36:18Copy video clip URL Cut back to the show. The two address the heckling situation that just took place. Oprah states that it was the first time she had ever had a heckler on the show. She then asks Bush the question “what’s the one thing you know for sure? Bush says that the one thing he knows for sure is that there is a God. He then talks about the love he has for his family. He goes on to talk about his childhood upbringing. Oprah goes on to ask Bush whether he told the Queen of England that he was the black sheep of his family. Bush shares a story about his visiting the royal family with his parents.

39:25Copy video clip URL Oprah asks Bush about his troubles with alcohol in the past. Bush talks about his giving up drinking at forty. “Alcohol was beginning to compete for my affections–compete for my affections for my wife and my family. It was beginning to crowd out my energy and I decided to quit and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.” He then talks about how his drinking affected his wife. He then talks about some of his defining moments in his life, citing his daughters’ birth as the most important.

43:21Copy video clip URL Bush is asked by a viewer how he’d would reform the death penalty so that innocent lives would not be lost. Bush responds to the question by saying that the current system works and emphasizes the use of DNA testing in all cases.

44:46Copy video clip URL Cut to commercial break.

45:50Copy video clip URL Cut back to the program. Oprah asks Bush about the struggles that came along with raising two girls in the public eye. Bush says that his daughters don’t like the media attention that they’ve been getting. Oprah goes on to ask Bush whether he’s had any moments of self doubt. He talks about his going to Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts as an intimidating experience. It was there that Bush learned that he’d have to work very hard to compete with the academic prowess found within many students at the school. Bush goes on to make a comment about intelligence. “Eventually I realized that smarts are not only whether or not you can write well or whether or not you can do calculus, but smart also is instinct and judgment and common sense.” Oprah then continues to press Bush on the American people’s need to feel like they have someone in office who is smarter than them. Bush emphasizes his leadership capabilities and his not having a condescending personality.

49:20Copy video clip URL Oprah asks Bush about a number of his favorite things. This lasts for several minutes.

52:31Copy video clip URL Cut to commercial break.

57:09Copy video clip URL Cut back to the program. We watch a piece on George and Laura Bush.

01:00:23Copy video clip URL Cut to commercial break.

01:02:25Copy video clip URL Cut to credits for the program. Oprah thanks Bush for appearing on the program. This is then followed by an episode of The View and the beginning of an episode of Port Charles. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

02:07:16Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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