[Gilda Radner interviewed by Tom Snyder – Tom Conner soccer at St. Ignatius]

Tom Snyder interviewing Gilda Radner, followed by home movie footage of a soccer game.

0:00Copy video clip URL Tom Synder introduces Gilda Radner onstage.

0:10Copy video clip URL Stage set-up for Gilda Radner Live From New York.

0:28Copy video clip URL Radner sings and rehearses in character for show. Radner tap dances as a little girl character.

3:04Copy video clip URL Tom Snyder interviews Radner.

3:28Copy video clip URL Snyder asks about the differences between doing television and being onstage. Radner talks about getting to use up more space, and getting to use her body.

4:00Copy video clip URL Radner talks about having a good time on Saturday Night Live.

4:35Copy video clip URL Radner talks about creating Roseanne Roseannadanna.

5:39Copy video clip URL Snyder asks Radner about a meeting with Robert Evans discussing the role of Olive Oyl in Robert Altman’s upcoming Popeye movie. Radner suggests that the meeting took place to convince Radner to talk to Snyder about taking the role of Popeye.

6:55Copy video clip URL Snyder questions Radner about moving to motion pictures. Radner says that she wouldn’t want to take movie work that would lessen her time on SNL.

7:55Copy video clip URL Radner talks about her mother being backstage just before the show.

8:50Copy video clip URL Radner says she’ll be sad when the show finally ends.

9:45Copy video clip URL People playing soccer at St. Ignatius, footage features Tom Conner.

21:00Copy video clip URL END



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