[Giving Birth: Elizabeth Bing 2]

An interview with Dr. Elizabeth Bing about alternatives modern birthing methods for the documentary Giving Birth: Four Portraits directed by Julie Gustafson and

00:00Copy video clip URL How the anticipation of pain and fear cause stress leading up to labor. The importance of education and support before and during labor. 

01:23Copy video clip URL The emotional processes that occur at the moment of birth. Ways to create feelings of intimacy and love between parents and baby. The need to allow parents to bond with child just after birth, instead of customary practice in hospitals of nurses taking the baby away immediately. 

04:00Copy video clip URL Immediate sensations of love are not always immediately felt by parents. The need for contact to create a bond that might possibly last throughout their lives. 

05:30Copy video clip URL A rephrasing of the question: “Do we automatically fall in love with our children?” Love always has to grow, and we need to allow a bond to develop. 

07:01Copy video clip URL Conversation with parents about their experience giving birth to their son Billy in a hospital. Frustrations and coldness in the hospital, and how discovering the work of Frederick Leboyer has led them to want a different kind of birth. 

09:20Copy video clip URL Dr. Bing discusses the technology- and medication-driven “active management of labor” that she feels should not be used routinely for normal labor. Treatment of mothers as if they are very sick, which is advantageous for high risk deliveries but potentially harmful for others. 

13:45Copy video clip URL Prepared childbirth, for which the parents are given tools and techniques for childbirth that focus on active participation and engagement. An education for both parents on how to use the body correctly during labor. 

15:47Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to an interview between director Julie Gustafson and a man in a suit. He is discussing how he was never passionate about work. 

17:24Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to director Julie Gustafson looking into the camera and repeating questions from previous interviews about the Maternity Center. 

19:30Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to a discussion around a circle of tables about circumcision, and the extent to which it is almost automatic in American hospitals. 



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