[Giving Birth: Frederick Leboyer 2]

An interview with Dr. Frederick Leboyer, author of the book Birth without Violence, for the documentary Giving Birth: Four Portraits.

00:29Copy video clip URL Leboyer is asked to repeat what he’d previously said about the benefits of the newborn being in water. Leboyer discusses the feeling of weightlessness easing the transition out of the womb. 

02:36Copy video clip URL Filmmaker John Reilly asks Leboyer about re-experiencing his own birth. His response is not fully audible. 

04:21Copy video clip URL Reilly asks him about the origins of his approach eight years earlier. He discusses its origins in psychoanalysis  but also in his desire to work through his own suffering. His response is not fully audible. 

08:30Copy video clip URL Filmmaker Julie Gustafson asks why other obstetricians have not had similar revelations to those experienced by Leboyer. His response is not fully audible.

10:08Copy video clip URL Reilly asks him about medical objections to his techniques. Leboyer addresses the alleged problems. 

14:56Copy video clip URL Leboyer discusses the need to minimize intervention, surgical or otherwise, into the natural process of birth, whenever possible. 

16:30Copy video clip URL Gustafson asks Leboyer about the prevalence of birthing technology in the United States. His response is not fully audible. 




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