Go Solo

This video shows a series of performances out of the Go Solo workshop that are in various stages of development. Most are straight acting pieces with a few bordering on stand-up comedy.

0:00Copy video clip URL A woman goes on the stage and says that all the following acts are works in progress at different levels of development and that this group is the Go Solo workshop.

0:42Copy video clip URL The first person can be heard off camera making noises and then the man comes on camera and he begins speaking. He seems to be a middle-aged man in the film industry; perhaps a writer. He talks about the industry. He seems to be talking to a young Spielberg. He might be portraying a director by the name of Robert Aldrich.

9:07Copy video clip URL The next actor goes to the stage. She talks about aging and being a woman in Hollywood. The performance could be considered a stand-up routine, and gets a number of laughs from the crowd.

16:32Copy video clip URL The next performer goes on stage and she seems to be drinking whiskey or somesuch. She seems to be a neighborhood socialite teaching the other mothers of the cul-de-sac how to prepare an hors d’ouerves tray and how that takes you on a (sexual) journey around the world. Throughout this she is eating a block of Velveeta cheese.

27:52Copy video clip URL The next performer takes the stage who is a man dressed as a southern belle mother and impersonating a lite southern accent.

36:58Copy video clip URL The next performer goes on stage. She starts talking about high school and popularity, and goes into dealing with an acquaintance’s suicide and her feelings of guilt.

44:04Copy video clip URL The next performer takes the stage. She “repairs” the chair on stage like a car mechanic while she speaks with the audience about Indian rituals. She then talks about rewriting history, and has a conversation with God about Adam and Eve.

55:58Copy video clip URL The next performer takes the stage. He is dressed in what looks like a soothsayer’s outfit. He seems to be a high school student in trouble as a result of lying so he can be in the same class as a guy he likes.

1:04:14Copy video clip URL A woman takes the stage and she talks about her unhealthy husband.

1:13:26Copy video clip URL A woman can be heard talking to her mother but she can not yet be seen on camera.  She can soon be seen on stage and begins talking again. She wears an usual outfit: a lumpy striped tophat, “Caution Do Not Enter” tape as a sash, an ill-fitting Victorian-style dress, and bare feet. She talks erratically about things like her defective eyes.

1:20:26Copy video clip URL The final performer takes the stage. He talks about the military in World War II in an amusing fashion, including how the different roles were divided by races (as a Jew, he was a navigator, because they’re “nothing but accountants”), the odd habits of his crew members, and his first assignment in Italy where the sergeant told them, “You came here to fly, not to fuck,” and then put them in the tent of the crew that was just shot down.

1:36:03Copy video clip URL The cast comes out and takes their bows.

1:37:05Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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