[Good Day Truck Stop #7: Indiana toll road]

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0:00 Color bars

0:05 Truck POV shot down Indiana Toll Road while Paul Harvey plays on the radio. Lots of AM interference on the radio signal.

1:24 Harvey talks about booming US economy, mentioning comments by Milton Friedman in support of Regan.

2:20 Harvey talks about a man in Peoria, Illinois who tricked women out of their underwear.

3:05 Harvey does pitch for General Motors cars.

3:40 Harvey talks about corruption of Speaker-of-the-House Wright.

4:30 Harvey does pitch for Bunn coffee.

5:44 Harvey talks about Mike Christiansen, who stole a Lear Jet and then killed himself in Denver because of a “ruptured romance”, then talks about the Bermuda Triangle.

6:40 Harvey talks about corruption of medical examiner in San Antonio, Texas, who sold bones from the dead.

7:00 Harvey talks about an accident in Warren County, TN in which a biker was thrown from his bike into the bed of a pickup truck, and was driven back to the other party’s house unknowingly.

8:10 Harvey talks about a breakthrough in research of muscular dystrophy.

8:33 Commercial Chicago Mercantile Exchange (not Harvey).

9:30 Harvey: “Americans do so want to believe.” Harvey talks about Americans thinking they’re seeing a glowing cross in a window (apparently supernatural).

10:15 Harvey talks about rock singer Joe Savage fighting for the right to cage wild animals, after which his daughter was mauled by one of them.

10:43 Harvey talks about taking longer workout times and walking for exercise


11:20 Harvey talks about “kiss and tell” books by former White House Employees, and the authors’ problems getting future jobs. He promises to talk about it later.

11:50 Harvey talks about a “nun run” pony race in Ireland.

12:05 Harvey talks about a little league treasurer running off with money.

12:10 Harvey talks about a student suing the school for not allowing him to wear an earring.

12:20 Harvey talks about “rent-a-dress” shops for women.

12:45 H arvey: “And now, page four”. He addresses “brothers of the broiler” and tries to sell them a charcoal starter.

14:05 Harvey talks about restrictions on smoking in Chicago.

12:24 Harvey: “Our ‘For What It’s Worth’ department reads Griff”. Harvey tells the story of a burglar in Germany who was distracted by a toy train set.

15:00 Harvey goes off the air, and a WGN reporter comes on to do the weather, then advertisements: fax machines, Ameritech car phones, hybrid seeds. Then news on moisture in the topsoil from meteorologists, as well as yearly rainfall.

17:45 Truck pulls through tollbooth, then to the side of the road.

18:27 END



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