[Gospel music in Chicago]

A news report on gospel music in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Video cuts in mid-shot in a church, gospel music being performed to congregation. A reporter notes that what rhythm and blues music is to Detroit and country music is to Nashville, gospel is to Chicago. Most of gospels best call Chicago home. The music attracts people to Chicago.

00:34Copy video clip URL Interview with Stan Davis, gospel historian who says young people today look for perfection and look for people they identify with, gospel singers.

00:58Copy video clip URL continued b-roll of Davis playing gospel piano accompanied by a singer. The reporter notes that Davis has s full time job, but gospel music is his first love. B-roll of Davis leading a gospel class .

01:25Copy video clip URL A reporter notes that the Morris Music Company has become a gospel institution in Chicago. It’s been around since 1935. Composer Kenneth Morris is interviewed about the changes in gospel music. The change is good, he thinks, because it draws young people to the church.

02:03Copy video clip URL B-roll of professional gospel singers performing live. The reporter notes one criticism about today progressive gospel music is that it sounds too much like pop music, losing a spiritual message. Popular performers are noted: Jessy Dixon, Andrae Crouch — the king of contemporary gospel.

03:33Copy video clip URL Reverend Milton Brunson, and gospel radio programmer, is interviewed saying that contemporary gospel is entertaining. He says the message gets to a young person quicker in contemporary music. He says the future of gospel in Chicago is very bright. Popularity continues to climb.

04:35Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of gospel singers. The video ends in mid shot.

04:42Copy video clip URL END



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