[Gratuity – Muddy Waters – Steve Dahl]

0:00 Bars and tone.

0:43Copy video clip URL Cab driver says Mick Jagger gave him a one dollar tip. Other people talk about the Rolling Stones. Another cab driver talks about what happens when the Stones come to town (in this case, Philadelphia). Footage of outdoor concert venue where the Stones will be performing later in the evening. Footage of the actual concert. Cab drivers talk about which celebrities give good tips, which is apparently everyone except for Jagger.

4:37Copy video clip URL End of segment. All footage was from This is a Test Part II.

4:49Copy video clip URL Muddy Waters live concert.

6:27Copy video clip URL Waters explains the meaning behind his song lyrics.

6:51Copy video clip URL More footage of concert. Waters plays “Kansas City.”

7:20Copy video clip URL Waters explains that rock came from the blues, saying, “Blues is the mother and she had a baby and she called it Rock and Roll.”

7:39Copy video clip URL Concert footage with guest performer. They sing “Got My Mojo Workin'” while Waters does a dance on stage.

8:47Copy video clip URL End of segment.

9:05Copy video clip URL People give sound bytes about Steve Dahl, praising him.

9:35Copy video clip URL Dahl explains that he is tired of being only a regional celebrity.

9:56Copy video clip URL Footage of live performance somewhere near Lake Michigan. Dahl wears a gaudy 1970s Elvis-style jumpsuit while a band plays and he talks to the audience.

11:31Copy video clip URL Dahl explains that his act harkens back to the old days of radio by bringing back strong personalities, comparing himself to Jack Benny. He says that he considers himself a comedian who performs on the radio.

12:09Copy video clip URL Dahl on stage doing a parody of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

12:36Copy video clip URL Dahl claims that having a band fulfills a star fantasy of his.

12:59Copy video clip URL Dahl on stage complements his fans, noting that he can “get away with” what he does on the radio because of them.

14:09Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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