[Greater Chicago Food depository internship program]

PBS Newshour segment covering an internship program that trains under or unemployed individuals for work in the food industry.

0:00Copy video clip URL Opens on Jesse Harper chopping vegetables. A voice-over from Brackett introduces the Greater Chicago Food Depository internship, and gives details about its operation. Harper talks about the positive effect the internship has had on his life. Lisa Gershenson shares the requirements for the program.

1:39Copy video clip URL Brackett gives statistics illustrating the successes of the program. Gershenson discusses why she thinks the statistics are so good as compared to other job training programs.

2:15Copy video clip URL Footage of students preparing food while Brackett explains where the meals go. Kate Maehr explains the importance of what they do.

3:50Copy video clip URL Placement of students after they go through the 12 week program. Harper talks about how prepared he feels. Kevin Kelly shares his initial skepticism concerning program, but his overall good feelings about it.

4:45Copy video clip URL Footage of Gwendolyn Fondren, another student, at her placement in a school cafeteria. She shares the struggles she had in getting through the program.

5:23Copy video clip URL Students share their experiences at their internships. Follow up with Harper, who was offered a job at his internship.

6:29Copy video clip URL The internship graduation.


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  1. Chris says:

    Hi, I was inquiring if you are in possession of a better quality version of this video? My late mother was featured in video & it would mean the world to me if I could get a copy of this video with the visuals in tact please & thank you.

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